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SOLitude Lake Management is dedicated to making water a more healthy and beautiful part of our world. In that pursuit, our company offers sustainable lake restoration and management solutions that improve water quality, enhance beauty, preserve natural resources and reduce our environmental footprint.

Markets Served for Pond and Lake Management

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SOLitude is a nationwide lake and pond management company, with local offices serving the greater Phoenix area.

From stormwater pond treatment for communities to large lake restoration for municipalities, SOLitude Lake Management is focused on providing the many markets we serve with comprehensive and sustainable water treatment solutions. for managing their lakes, stormwater ponds, wetlands and fisheries.

Whether we are working to ensure that the ponds at a golf course are in pristine shape for a PGA tournament or helping to boost the value of a residential or commercial property with a floating fountain, you can rely on us for complete, in-depth assessments of the ecological needs and challenges faced by various types of properties.

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Lake and Pond Maintenance Services

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SOLitude’s highly-trained team of scientists, biologists, ecologists and aquatic resource management professionals specializes in the development and execution of customized lke, pond, wetland and fisheries management programs that include water quality testing and restoration, nutrient remediation, algae and aquatic weed control, installation and maintenance of fountains and aeration systems, bathymetry, mechanical harvesting and hydro-raking, lake vegetation studies, biological assessments, habitat evaluations, and invasive species management.

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In a shared quest for a better tomorrow, the SOLitude team is committed to innovation, technical advancement, and continuous research to provide clients with the best available value on the market. Through extensive knowledge and experience, superior customer service, vast service offerings and close partnerships with manufacturers, SOLitude Lake Management has established itself as the unparalleled leader of the industry. 

Explore our many service offerings below or contact the experts at SOLitude Lake Management today to discuss your aquatic management needs.

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Stormwater Management Solutions

Homeowners associations, commercial developments and any site with a constructed stormwater management pond or BMP are usually responsible for the care and management of these facilities, including regular stormwater inspection.Effective stormwater facility management starts with the implementation of an annual stormwater inspection program. An annual stormwater inspection of your facility is not only a good idea, but in many cases it is a local or state requirement.Proactively managing your lake or pond, not only prevents sediment and pollutants from entering your waterbody, but also complies with state regulations by deterring massive pond restoration efforts come the future.With proper environmental consulting, an annual stormwater inspection can provide valuable information needed to put together a long-term, cost-saving maintenance budget. For example, knowing that you have older steel piping that corrodes and breaks down faster versus newer poly pipes is invaluable when trying to predict when those components will need repair or replacement.

Receive Your Detailed Stormwater Inspection Report

As with any environmental consulting practice, it’s always a good idea to document your stormwater inspection work. In many jurisdictions, it’s actually a requirement. Use a stormwater inspection template from your local municipality, or have a pond restoration professional provide a detailed, comprehensive annual stormwater inspection report. After collecting a couple years of data, you will typically see the seasonal stresses and trends within your facility, allowing you to better budget for annual and long-term stormwater management.If your stormwater inspection reveals that your lake or pond is beyond saving through proactive management, the next best option is pond restoration. Dredging may be the best option; it can be costly, but it’s guaranteed to give years back to your waterbody.Pond restoration plans are customary; your waterbody may benefit significantly from a full scale dredging operation, or just a few days of budget-friendly spot dredging at pump intakes, swimming areas or around boat docks. To navigate through a wide variety of sediment, aquatic plant or algae removal options for your waterbody, we encourage you to speak with an environmental consulting agency like SOLitude Lake Management.

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