Erosion Control and Shoreline Restoration

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Erosion Control Case Studies

Shoreline management should never be overlooked. It is one of the most important aspects of a healthy lake or pond. Proper buffer management and shoreline stabilization maintenance are not only aesthetic enhancers, they help prepare your waterbody for the harsh effects of erosion and protect excess nutrients from entering the water column. SOLitude’s experts will provide you with a shoreline management plan that will help restore balance and enhance your waterbodies. 

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving shoreline restoration projects.

Restoring A Community Shoreline with SOX Systems | Tampa, FL

SOX-Before_Tampa-FL  SOX-After,-Tampa,-FL

In June of 2019, a community in Tampa, FL, contacted SOLitude with concerns over erosion and the functionality of their five stormwater ponds. Over the years, shoreline erosion and sedimentation worsened, hindering the pond’s functionality. Without intervention, flooding, further property damage and endangerment to community members could become a real and costly threat…read more.

Regaining 1,850 ft of Eroded Shoreline | Florida City, FL

florida-keys-before  florida-keys-after

Industrial businesses can affect communities in very positive ways; however, there are exceptions. Certain business practices can have a negative environmental impact on our communities. This was the case for one Florida Keys community. Due to the actions of a nearby blasting company, 5-7 ft of their lake’s bank eroded more.

Shoreline Restoration at Recreational Lake | Sheldon, SC

before-sc-erosion-control  after-sc-erosion-control

A premier sporting community in the heart of South Carolina Lowcountry offers the perfect backdrop for nature lovers seeking authentic experiences on and near the water. Outdoorsmen and women who reside in this community enjoy front row access to 3,500 acres of huntlands, fresh and saltwater fishing impoundments, and miles of unspoiled more.

Re-Enforcing a Community Pond’s Shoreline | Palm Harbor, FL

before  after

This large HOA in Palm Harbor, FL, consists of quaint and stylish residences that growing families and retirees call home. Nature is a large focal point in this community. Lots of native trees line the streets and sidewalks, providing an aesthetically pleasing backdrop against manicured lawns. Likewise more than 40 lakes and ponds are featured throughout the more.

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