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Exceed Your Fishery Goals with A Fisheries Management Plan

A Fisheries Management Plan should be the basis for any fishery under management and should be designed based on a waterbody’s current status and the goals and budget of the owner. The entire aquatic ecosystem must be assessed and managed before a fishery of any kind can reach its full potential. And when it comes to fisheries management, we provide long-term solutions for sustained success of your fishery.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving fisheries management projects.

Trophy Fish Management | Albemarle County, VA

Fish Habitat Install    Electrofishing at Private Property in Charlottesville, VA

This is private property in the Charlottesville area. There are six waterbodies on the property that total 21-acres of water. The waterbodies are used for recreational fishing for friends and family and are being managed for trophy fishing…read more.

Fish Removal with Electrofishing | Fairfax, VA

Largebass Removal from Quarry

This particular pond is an open pit quarry owned by Vulcan Materials Company in Fairfax County, VA, with a waterbody on the property that has 6.5 surface acres. The pond was full of a variety of fish species such as Largemouth Bass and Bluegill and was set to be drained…read more.

Community Fishery Assessment | Fluvanna County, VA

Stocking Fish In Community Lake

This 350-acre lake is surrounded by a private community. The lake is used for many recreational activities including boating, swimming and more.

Restoring Water Quality at Lake Lake | St. Petersburg, FL

before  after

This property is a 14-acre lake located in St. Petersburg, on the western coast of Florida. In January, 2012, the HOA contacted SOLitude Lake Management to request assistance with multiple lake issues including bad odors, dead fish and other wildlife and green murky water. The following is a summary of the initial evaluation, execution of the management plan and ecological restoration of the lake over an 11-month period…read more

Enhancing A Community’s Fishing Canal | Leland, NC

Aeration Install Throughout Canal System  Lime Application

This property in the Carolinas is a residential community located in Leland, NC. The ~500-acre development currently has around 1,000 single family homes within its confines. The waterbodies within the community consist of a 56.7-acre canal system that runs behind many of the homes, an 11.2-acre lake and eleven other small ponds…read more.

Improving Water Quality In a Community Pond | Pleasant Hill, CA

before after

A small community pond in Pleasant Ridge, CA, was suffering from prolific algae production, offensive odors, poor water quality and disturbing fish kills. The homeowners association that owned the pond was receiving complaints and was at a loss with how to reverse the displeasing water quality issues they were experiencing at this focal point in the more.

Enhancing Fishery at Virginia Fishing Club | West Point, VA

Largemouth Bass Caught at Virginia Fishing Club

This Fishing Club is a 47-member private sports club located in the heart of central Virginia. Over the years, the fishery has produced a significant number of Largemouth Bass weighing between 5 and 10 pounds, but their success has been more.

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