Preventing Toxic Algae In Your Pond

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Keep Your Water Safe: A Guide to Identifying Toxic Algae

Before you head out to the local lake for a boat day or let your dog swim in the community pond, it’s important to know if the water is safe. As warm temperatures continue to heat lakes and ponds, algal blooms can begin to thrive. While many algae species are harmless, certain ones like cyanobacteria can release dangerous toxins.

What does toxic cyanobacteria look like?

Cyanobacteria blooms often appear as blue, blue-green, or “pea soup” green scum that resembles oil or spilled paint on the water’s surface. Blue-green algal blooms are also known to have an “earthy” odor.

Is toxic algae harmful to humans or animals?

A type of Harmful Algal Bloom (HABs), cyanobacteria can produce toxins that are harmful (or deadly in severe cases) to wildlife and pets. The toxins can also become airborne and contaminate air droplets, which may lead to irritation of the eyes, nose, throat, or lungs in both humans and animals.

How can you prevent toxic algal blooms in lakes?

The best way to help prevent HABs is by maintaining healthy nutrient and oxygen levels through proactive lake management solutions like aeration, nutrient remediation, or shoreline buffers. When water quality is balanced, toxic algae is less likely to develop. Everyone can do their part in maintaining healthy water quality to limit nutrient pollution by properly disposing of trash and debris, picking up pet waste, and bagging yard clippings.

Enjoy Safe, Beautiful Water

Keep yourself and your loved ones safe by learning how to spot a toxic algal bloom and follow these best management practices to help protect and preserve our precious lakes and ponds.

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