Sonic Solution Devices Combat Toxic Algae Species In Our Lake & Ponds

November 5th, 2014

By Industry Expert Marcus Harris, Fisheries Biologist 

green_blue_algae_cyano-bacteriaToxic algae blooms in Lake Erie made national news this summer. It may not have affected you at all, but if you have a lake or pond on your property, toxic algae is something you need to be aware of. Blue-green algae is not an uncommon occurrence during the heat of the summer and with it comes the chance for toxic species. Toxins are produced and released by certain species and can make humans and animals very sick if they ingest water containing these toxins.

One of the more effective ways to combat this type of algae is to install a SonicSolutions device. This device uses ultrasonic waves to break vesicles inside the cells. These vesicles are used by the algae to control buoyancy. When they are broken, the algae sinks to the bottom and dies.

SonicSolutions devices have been proven to control toxin producing blue-green algae species. Anabeana, Aphanizomenon, and Microcystis, (known as Annie, Fannie, and Mike), are the major ones to be aware of. While these species are common in many lakes and ponds, the chances of them producing toxins is extremely rare. SonicSolutions offers a great, cost effective way to attack toxic blue-green algae problems without the use of algaecides.


Several sizes are available and more than one can be used to maintain control in large lakes. They run off normal 120v power and there are even solar kits for places where running power to the pond isn’t an option. Installation is simple and with a quick cleaning every month or so, they should provide year-round algae control.

While SonicSolutions has been proven very effective against planktonic blue-green algae, there are some places where it may not be the best fit. Filamentous algae cell walls are tougher so the ultrasonic waves don’t do significant enough damage to kill the cells. In situations where thick filamentous algae is an issue, other control methods should be considered.

Hopefully as time goes on, better land use practices are put in to place, runoff is better controlled, and less nutrients enter our waterways, the likelihood of toxic algae blooms goes down significantly. In the meantime, a SonicSolutions device is an excellent way to control problematic blue-green algae.

Winter is a great time to have your SonicSolutions device installed to help prevent the onset of planktonic algae blooms in the spring.

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