Floating Fountains for Ponds

Benefits of AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators

There are several benefits of choosing a floating fountain. Aeration creates an oxygen-rich environment that promotes healthy water for the aquatic ecosystem and beautiful views that everyone can enjoy. One of the most recognizable types of aeration is the floating fountain. Floating fountains can add an element of beauty and enhance the natural aesthetic of any lake or pond. With their various customization options, floating fountains can help make your waterbody the focal point of your property. They can also increase property values, making this solution a desirable option for many communities or private landowners. 

In addition to their beauty, fountains and aerators can also increase the quality of life within your waterbody. Pond aeration systems can help mitigate the damage caused by nutrient loading and improve overall water quality. In stormwater ponds, floating fountains can help improve stagnant conditions. The continuous movement of water from floating fountains can disrupt mosquito breeding habitats, ultimately reducing the mosquito population around your waterbody.

AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators

SOLitude is proud to partner with AquaMaster Fountains and Aerators, one of the world’s largest distributors of quality fountains and aeration systems. As an industry leader, AquaMaster offers a variety of high-quality aeration systems. Clients can choose from several options of decorative floating fountains, fixed base fountains, and spray patterns. Our aquatic specialists are trained to install, service, and repair all AquaMaster fountains and aerators to ensure they are functioning properly. This partnership with AquaMaster allows us to improve the water quality and natural beauty of our clients’ lakes and ponds.

How do AquaMaster fountains work?

AquaMaster fountains can introduce oxygen into lakes and ponds of all sizes to help improve the overall health of an aquatic ecosystem. These systems can be easily installed to fit the needs of your lake or pond and require minimal maintenance. Each floating fountain has an electric motor attached to a float that physically forces water into the air. When water falls back down across the surface, it creates turbulence that promotes circulation and  the natural process of oxygenation.

All fountains are available in both 60 and 50 Hz, from ½ HP to 25 HP, in whatever voltage you require. Each fountain is powered by an onshore panel that can be accessed at any time.

Enhance Beauty with AquaMaster Fountain Lighting

Take your floating fountain to the next level with custom lighting and spray pattern options. AquaMaster fountain systems are available with LED lights in an assortment of colors to fit your style. LED lights offer brighter and clearer illumination than traditional halogen lights and are built to withstand underwater applications. Under normal conditions, they can last up to 10 years and can help you save an average of 85% less on your energy bill compared to other lighting options. AquaMaster offers adjustable night glow LED and RGBW lighting systems for all models.

Customizing Your Fountain with Beautiful Spray Patterns

Customizing your AquaMaster fountain goes beyond lighting features. You can also choose from a variety of spray patterns, including:

  • Crown & Geyser
  • Lakewood
  • Wide Geyser
  • Arabella
  • Aquarius

Spray patterns can be programmed to operate in synchrony or change whenever you desire. These customization options are designed with you in mind. AquaMaster’s Master Series and Master Decorative Series provide our clients with endless possibilities.

AquaMaster Submersed Aeration Systems

AquaMaster also offers diffused aeration systems that can increase your water quality and enhance your lake or pond’s beauty. This discrete and non-obstructive option is perfect for property owners or managers who want to maintain the natural look of their waterbody. Clients can choose from AquaMaster’s AquaAir Ultra Diffused Aeration, or the Volcano and Hydromax Series. These systems are made of stainless steel with base-mounted enclosures and up to four compressors that allow them to deliver the highest air flow rates possible. Each system works by pumping air through tubing to diffusers located on the lake or pond bottom that release fine air bubbles, creating a lifting action. This allows AquaMaster’s aeration systems to continually circulate the water column which helps increase oxygen levels and improve water quality.

For ponds that do not have access to electricity, solar aeration is an ideal solution. AquaMaster offers the newest technology in aeration with their Solar AquaAir® Ultra aeration systems. The systems are powered by the sun and backed up with battery banks to guarantee 24-hour operation. Besides being solar-powered, these options function the same as any other aeration system, making them a premier choice for waterbodies in remote locations with no access to electricity.

Annual Maintenance is Key

Installing a floating fountain or aerator is only the first step in maintaining a healthy waterbody. Annual maintenance should be performed on all systems to ensure they continue to function properly. Early detection of potential problems can keep your system running longer and avoid costly repairs down the line. Our team of professionals is trained to inspect and repair any AquaMaster fountain or aerator. In addition, we offer warranty support for all AquaMaster systems. Contact our lake management experts at SOLitude to make sure your waterbody receives all of the desired benefits of aeration.

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