Is Solar Aeration Right For My Pond?

The benefits of aeration to the overall health of a lake or pond are many and far reaching. Devastating fish kills and foul odors can be avoided through properly aerating your waterbody. Aeration can also help breakdown organic sludge and convert limiting nutrients such as nitrates and phosphates into forms that will not directly fertilize algal blooms. However you look at it, pond aeration is one of the leading components of improved water quality and a sustainable and healthy aquatic ecosystem. There are several different types of aeration with the most common being sub-surface diffusers and floating fountain aerators. With energy cost savings on the mind of many homeowners, managers and municipalities, solar pond aeration systems and other alternative aeration options are quickly becoming more common and sought out. But is solar aeration a good option for your property?

Solar diffused air aeration systems are great for both remote installations and environmentally conscious applications. They can also be installed in developed urban settings where the site disturbance to bring power to the pond would be cost-prohibitive. Solar aeration systems are designed for aquatic environments in a variety of sizes from ornamental ponds up to 5 acre lakes. These fully automatic systems are designed to run up to 20 hours per day under standard operating conditions. Some products have battery backup systems that allow them to run normally under less-than-optimal sunlight conditions.

A solar pond aerator is a very effective solution for your aeration needs that can provide unbelievable savings over the operational cost of electric-powered aeration systems. Although the up-front cost of a solar system is generally higher than a traditional electric system, the ability to remain “off-the-grid” makes the solar option preferable in many situations.

Every pond and property is unique. Your local lake and pond management professionals can advise you if solar aeration is best for your particular waterbody, desires and budget. Aeration systems can seem like a big investment, but they will protect a bigger investment by ensuring a long and healthy life for your pond!

Find Your Solar Aeration Solution

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