Is Your Lake Out of Balance?

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An Alum Treatment May Be The Right Solution

In healthy lakes and ponds, nutrients are necessary for the growth of micro-organisms that form the base of the food chain and support the entire aquatic ecosystem, including beneficial plant and algae growth. However, urban development, land clearing, pollution, and mass agriculture can expedite this natural process by introducing foreign nutrients into our freshwater resources.

When a waterbody is plagued by excess levels of phosphorus and nitrogen, it may exhibit the following symptoms:

Through a process called nutrient remediation, products like Phoslock, Biochar and Alum bind with excess nutrients and help improve water quality conditions. When water quality is more balanced, nuisance aquatic weeds and algae are less likely to thrive.

Alum Treatments Are Highly Effective

Alum (Aluminum sulfate) treatments are particularly effective for nutrient binding in large or highly turbid waterbodies, including expansive community ponds, recreational lakes, and  drinking water reservoirs.

When introduced to the water, Alum forms a floc that binds with the excess nutrients in the water column. After a short time, this floc settles and forms a cover over the sediment. Once water quality conditions are more balanced, nuisance aquatic weeds, algae and toxic cyanobacteria are less likely to thrive.

Take Action!

SOLitude’s state-of-the-art application vessel is custom designed to apply Alum safely and efficiently. The 30ft long barge is powered by twin outboard engines and equipped with a fathometer and GPS–based speedometer, in-line pressure gauges, and flowmeters that measure product delivery rates. Our vessel is also equipped with three tanks with a combined capacity of 3,000 gallons.

Depending on variables in lake conditions, Alum water treatments can be effective at improving water quality, reducing nuisance growth, and increasing wildlife habitat for up to 20 years after treatment.

Contact your lake and pond management expert to discuss alum water treatments or explore other nutrient remediation solutions:

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