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5 Key Reasons to Use a Lake or Pond Aeration System

In many cases, aeration is the most essential component to an effective lake or pond management plan. Aerators increase diffused oxygen in the water, which in turn helps to improve the overall aquatic ecosystem. Aeration is added to a lake or pond by installing either a submersed air diffused unit or a floating fountain. Either type of aeration helps to mitigate the damage caused by excessive nutrient loading and helps to restore and maintain water quality. Specifically, here are five key reasons to utilize aeration as part of the ongoing management of your lake or pond:

  1. Aeration helps to reduce and eliminate many of the water quality issues that often lead to problematic pond algae blooms. The use of aeration may also result in improved water clarity as well as a reduction in foul odors that are frequently emitted from stagnant waterbodies.
  2. Floating Fountains are visually pleasing additions to lakes and ponds, and provide distinction and splendor.
  3. Mosquitoes breed in and prefer to live near shallow and stagnant water. Aeration helps to reduce mosquito activity by continuously circulating water throughout your lake or pond.
  4. Aeration provides an oxygen-rich aquatic environment, which leads to a healthier habitat for fish and other aquatic life.
  5. The increase in diffused oxygen from proper aeration supports and encourages the growth of beneficial aerobic bacteria. These beneficial bacteria break down organic matter and consume excess nutrients, which reduces the overall accumulation of organic sediment on the bottom of your lake or pond.

Your goals are important when considering the addition of aeration, and there are many factors that go into deciding which type of aeration system is best for your specific waterbody and property. The physical characteristics of your lake or pond, your budget and your personal preference are all determining factors. Regardless of which type of system you choose, though, the addition of aeration will help to ensure a longer and healthier life for your lake or pond.

The Benefits of Lake & Pond Aeration

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