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Adam Grayson

Adam Grayson

District Manager

Adam Grayson is a District Manager based out of North Florida. An avid outdoorsman, he has a natural passion for preserving the ecological health and beauty of water resources throughout the region.

Adam has more than 20 years of experience managing aquatic weeds and nuisance species in lakes, ponds, and stormwater facilities. His extensive knowledge and experience inform his commitment to supporting his clients with the highest level of care while serving as a responsible steward to the environment. He enjoys tackling the daily challenges facing the lakes and ponds from a scientific, data-driven perspective. 

Adam maintains many industry certifications, including State of Florida licensed pesticide applicator (Aquatics, Right-of-Way, Forestry, Natural Areas), ISA Certified Arborist, State-licensed to work with venomous reptiles, State-certified Florida Green Industries Best Management Practices Applicator, and Stormwater Systems Inspector.

Before moving to Gainesville, his family lived for many years in South Florida. Outside of work, he spends most of his time raising his two daughters, and also enjoys nature photography and falconry as time permits. 

Logan Wooley

Operations Manager, Aquatic Biologist

Logan is an Operations Manager and Aquatic Biologist with over 8 years of knowledge-based in North Florida. Logan has comprehensive knowledge of the impact that water quality has on the overall health of aquatic environments. During his time at SOLitude, Logan has matured into an effective team leader. His quality service and dependable follow-through have resulted in positive relationships with his peers, purveyors, and clients. He proudly represents SOLitude and has a passion for providing the best possible solutions and experiences for our clients.

Logan delivers high-level care with the services and solutions that he and his team provide to clients. Logan is committed to delivering environmentally-responsible solutions to the communities that he oversees. Logan’s dedication to excellence throughout the day-to-day operations has led to his expertise and continual growth. His service and leadership duties include client communication, performing and overseeing inspections, vegetative surveys, deficiency identification, treatment response, lake assessments, monitoring, research, laboratory testing and analysis interpretation, fountain and aeration problem solving, and bathymetry studies.

brendon donnelly

Brendon Donnelly

Business Development Consultant (GA, AL, MS, FL Panhandle)

Brendon Donnelly is an Aquatic Specialist and Business Development Consultant responsible for educating stakeholders and helping the team build relationships with property managers and communities. Brendon earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Kennesaw State University and has more than a decade of experience helping property managers enhance their communities with sustainable lake and pond management strategies. Before joining SOLitude, Brendon worked for a leading lawn management company, where he learned about the connection between landscaping, shoreline management, and aquatic health.

We Work Together To Offer Exceptional Service

SOLitude was built by the hard work, dedication & passion of aquatic experts in lake management to find solutions for communities and clients.

Thorough Assessment Of My Pond

Received prompt and thorough assessment of a pond on my rural property. Received the advice I needed to prevent algae and for improving conditions for fish. They have good educational material on their website that is free.

Susan Poole

Private Landowner, Callahan, FL

Grateful for Your Team

I am grateful for your promptness, standard of quality, and for bringing my pond back to the beauty that it is supposed to be.

Michelle S.

Property Manager, Jacksonville, FL

Definitely Recommend SOLitude

SOLitude’s technician is knowledgeable and gives me extremely perfect service. He was so kind and patiently listens to my request. Also, he gave me advice about the process. I will definitely recommend this company.

Umut Guven

Jacksonville, FL

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