Why You Need Pond Aeration

August 2nd, 2009

Aeration_Installation_and_Maintenance_number_placement_number_6What could be more peaceful than a leisurely stroll around a nearby lake, taking in the beautiful greenery and watching ducks splash in the water? On a warm spring day, it’s not uncommon to see people enjoying their lunch break from work near an on-site pond, and if you’re fortunate enough to have wetland property it’s nice to enjoy it on a regular basis. However, if your pond or lake isn’t cared for, you could experience an imbalance in the ecosystem that could harm surrounding plant and animal life. Maintaining your water property through a pond aeration system is the key to a healthy pond.

Aeration is defined as the process by which air is circulated through a space, thereby purifying the area with oxygen. When a farmer aerates soil, for example, he is supplying much needed air into the dirt to help his crops grow. So it is with ponds and lakes: aeration benefits these environments. If a pond becomes stagnant due to lack of oxygen, it could result in an accumulation of pond algae and odorous sludge at the bottom which attracts mosquitoes and harms aquatic life. Nobody wants to come near a body of water plagued with sickly green muck and biting bugs, so it is important to ensure that the water on your property continues to circulate.

Three recommendation methods for pond aeration include:

Wind Powered Aeration Systems – Wind power is affordable, doesn’t require electricity, and is typically the least expensive of all available options.

Electric Aerators – Electric is a good option to consider in areas where continuous aeration is needed. Most electric systems circulate from the bottom of the lake or pond upward to help the ecosystem.

Fountains – Aesthetically pleasing, decorative fountains are mainly electric and only circulate water on the surface.

Consult with a professional lake management system about the best pond aeration system solution for your on-site wetlands. The sooner you work to aerate your lake or pond, the better for all creatures and plant life on your property.

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