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Volunteer of the Quarter Dedicates Time to Local Ambulance Service

Through SOLitude’s corporate volunteering and community outreach program, The SOLution, company leaders have named the Director of Integration, Mergers & Acquisitions, Will Stevenson, Volunteer of the Quarter for the third quarter of 2022. As an active member of The SOLution, Will dedicated his time to volunteering with the Harvard Ambulance Service and helping rural communities in Massachusetts with emergency services.

Giving Back to His Community

Throughout the quarter, Will spent 81 hours taking 911 calls, training new EMTs, and doing other administrative work to ensure the well-being of the program. He has been involved with the service for nearly ten years. He began his volunteer journey as a driver so other EMTs could train high school students to become EMTs. Now, he works in many areas, including administration, 911 operations, and more.

A Passion for Caring for Others

“The work can be challenging both because of the physical and emotional work on the truck, but also the pressure of keeping an affordable service operational in a rural community,” Stevenson says as he reflects on his time with the service. His passion for caring for others in his community is seen through the time and effort he dedicates to the ambulance program. 

“As someone who comes from a rural community, seeing how this program has flourished with Will’s help is inspiring,” Hannah Gentry, Community Outreach Specialist, says. “I love showcasing Will’s volunteering efforts when talking about The SOLution with others. The way he talks about the work he does is nothing short of incredible.”

Being A Part of The SOLution

The SOLution is a company-wide program that encourages and rewards colleagues for volunteering in their local communities. In 2021, the SOLution generated $19,526 in donations and generated 3,027 collective volunteer hours. Since the inception of the program in 2012, SOLitude’s colleagues, industry partners, and their families have achieved more than 21,600 volunteer hours and donated over $536,305 to charitable organizations and causes.

The SOLution

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