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Vertex Aquatic Solutions: Fountains and Lake Aeration Systems

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Lake and Pond Aeration Systems

As an industry leader in lake and pond management, SOLitude Lake Management is a proud dealer of Vertex Aquatic Solutions aeration systems and fountains.

Vertex diffused aeration systems are super-efficient, affordable, and safe. The rising force of millions of bubbles transports bottom water to the surface, allowing oxygen to be absorbed and circulating the entire water column.

  • High pumping rate easily penetrates stratification layers
  • Converts nutrients to forms that cannot sustain algae growth
  • Expands oxygenated habitat for improved fisheries
  • Reduces aquatic midge and mosquito insect hatches
  • Promotes beneficial bacteria growth which helps to reduce bottom muck and eliminate foul odors

Vertex Pond Aeration Warranty

  • Diffuser Assembly: 5 years “no questions” free replacement guarantees
  • Complete Compressor Cabinet Systems: 3 years,excluding wearable parts (air filters and compressor maintenance kits)
  • Cabinets: Lifetime against rust
  • BottomLine Tubing:15 years
vertex floating fountain

Vertex Floating Fountains

Vertex is known for providing the highest quality, environmentally sound custom floating fountains as large as 60hp.

  • Beautifies lakes and pond, increases property value and quality of community.
  • Features U.V. resistant rotocast flotation unit, weatherproof steel control panel enclosures, stainless steel sealed motors, nozzles of brass or bronze, stainless steel frame and fastenings, and (optional) bronze/copper light housing.
  • Over 10 different Fountain Series options, each with unique fountain patterns and displays.
  • Helps prevent aggregation of algae on the surface and helps in reduction of mosquito larvae.

Find Your Vertex Fountain and Aeration Solution

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Top 3 Benefits of Lake and Pond Aeration

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