TryMarine: Harness the Power of the Sun to Naturally Restore Water Quality

Looking for a premium solution to restore decades of life to your lake? TryMarine is your answer. Eco-friendly applications of TryMarine can reverse the downward spiral of nutrient loading and create a continuous cycle of improvement in your waterbody – all powered by oxygen and the sun.

What is TryMarine?

TryMarine is an eco-conscious product that is regularly applied to water in order to help improve oxygenation, restore ecological balance, and reduce muck buildup on the bottom of lakes and ponds.

How Does TryMarine Work?

TryMarine is a photocatalyst. That means that after it is applied to the water, it is activated by the sun, which facilitates natural bioreactions that assist in mitigating oxygen stratification often found in eutrophic lakes caused by excess nutrition.

More available oxygen supports biodiversity, which in turn can accelerate the consumption of muck and help increase overall healthy water volume.

Enhancing Biodiversity

Unhealthy lakes suffer from an imbalance of microorganisms and a disruption of natural nutrient cycles. TryMarine is formulated to enhance oxygen availability and amplify the conversion of
nutrients into accessible components of the food web, which helps restore biodiversity and perpetually support a healthy lake ecosystem.

5 Reasons to Utilize TryMarine

  1. The Power of the Sun: Unlike other lake oxygenation solutions like aeration systems, TryMarine is activated by sunlight and does not rely on an external energy source.
  2. Versatile: TryMarine is effective in waterbodies of all shapes, sizes, and health.
  3. Fast Results: Changes in oxygen levels occur almost immediately, and water quality restoration usually occurs in just a few months.
  4. Safe: TryMarine is an environmentally responsible product that can be used in fish hatcheries, aquaculture and recreational waterbodies.
  5. Eco-friendly: TryMarine is an environmentally responsible product that can be used in fish hatcheries, aquaculture and recreational waterbodies.

Seeing Is Believing

  • The Power of TryMarine

Turning A Community's "Chocolate Pond" Into A Beautiful Focal Point

This community pond in West Palm Beach, FL was previously referred to as the “Chocolate Pond” by residents due to the unsightly, olive-brown and turbid water.

TryMarine applications began in November 2023, and over several months of treatment, the water quality improved dramatically. Surface and bottom dissolved oxygen (DO) levels improved quickly, and over time the sediment levels dropped and water depth increased. Additionally, the biodiversity of organisms returned to a more typical profile, resulting in a color change from brown to a healthy greenish hue.

After years of applying typical water treatments solutions, the community is beyond thrilled with the “miraculous” results!

Surface Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Bottom DO, and pH Results


Water Depth vs. Sediment Depth vs. Total Depth


Biodiversity Trends

Is TryMarine the Right Fit for Your Waterbody?

TryMarine is a game-changer in water quality management. Want to know if it’s the right solution for your lake or pond? Contact us to speak to an expert.

Experience the Benefits of TryMarine

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