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Lake & Pond Management Tips for Spring & Summer

The spring season is here and summer isn’t far behind! The management strategies you implement now will have the biggest impact on your waterbody for the rest of the year. No matter your lake or pond goals, proactive steps can help you achieve them. What do you have in mind? Consider three of our top articles for spring initiatives.


1. Proactive Lake and Pond Management Tips to Manage Midges

Warm weather brings with it a surge of insect populations. Though we welcome many species like bees and dragonflies for their benefits, many are viewed as a nuisance. Midges, or “blind mosquitoes,” are one such insect known across much of the south. Swarms of midges can fill the air, coat porches, and even cause respiratory issues. Learn 4 Proactive Lake and Pond Management Tips to Help Manage Midges.

Invasive weeds

2. Prevent the Spread of Invasive Aquatic Weeds

Each year, the spread of invasive species worsens due to wildlife displacement, increased travel, illegal trade, and irresponsible boating and recreation practices. Invasive species is an unfortunate reality that continues to threaten the balance of native habitats in our communities. It’s important to exercise vigilance and proactive management using these 6 Tips to Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species

Community fishing

3. Get Your Community Fishing this Summer

This year, get-togethers are more top of mind than ever. When it is safe to do so, many families look forward to spending time with friends and loved ones. A fun and relaxing activity to kick things off while enjoying the summer air is fishing. Cultivating a productive fishery can take time, so get started now with our top 5 Ways to Achieve a Community-Oriented Fishery

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