Top Aquatic Products For Lake Water Quality

January 29th, 2010

late_spring_Kennet_Square_PA_JohnPhelps_5.14.14_cFor the property owner dealing with clearing out an on-site fishing pond, it’s important to ensure good water quality at all times, regardless of weather and fishing conditions. Whether the water is there for personal use or accommodates others for recreational activity, you want products that work, yet are safe to human and aquatic life. As you browse for the right aquatic products this season, consider some of the following, all worth the investment.

Barley Straw Extract – For decomposing flotsam and natural blockage, liquid barley straw is a fast-working solution that helps balance pond water quality and improve cleanliness. Look for non-toxic brands to include in your cleaning schedule.

Pond Saver – Aerobic bacteria is essential in dissolving pond algae buildup that may otherwise choke fish and plant life. Use a water-soluble solution that works to prevent new algae from growing.

Autumn Specific Prep Solutions – Falling leaves can prove a greater hazard to your ponds than you think. Using a specializing prep liquid to quickly decompose leaves and sediment can keep your lake looking clear and clean in the colder months.

Specialized Peroxide – A lake needs oxygen in order for aquatic life to thrive, and peroxides designed for lake management can help time-release oxygen into the water to keep your lake clean. This is useful in particular if you don’t have a mechanic device for aeration installed.

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