The Key to Goose Control

April 14th, 2010

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The resurgence of the Canada goose is one of wildlife preservation’s greatest success stories. With the enactment of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act, populations have rebounded to over 3 million and continue to grow yearly. Another reason for this increase is the creation of ideal habitats; large, open, grassy areas often surrounding ponds and lakes. As a result, heavy concentrations of geese feed and nest in playgrounds, corporate campuses, recreational areas, golf courses and residential areas. The geese and their droppings can render these areas almost unusable.

What can I do about my goose problem?

Integration of effective goose control methods is the best way to solve the problem. FlightControl PLUS denies the goose the ability to feed. The effectiveness of the product assists other control techniques.

Recommended nonlethal solutions that work.

  • FlightControl PLUS—Spray applied to deny geese their food source, both as an anti-feedant and a visual warning creates a “No Tolerance Zone.”
  • Trained Dogs—Used in conjunction with FlightControl PLUS on large control areas, the total effectiveness increases—turf is taken off the menu.
  •  Egg Addling—Effective in long term population control. Permits are required.
  •  Habitat Modification—Assist the natural environment with tall grasses and vegetation, reducing the safe access to turf.

Why do they leave such a big mess behind?

Eating up to 3 pounds of grass per day, geese leave behind about 2 pounds of potentially “hazardous waste” droppings, not to mention leaving the area stripped of vegetation. The area they prefer to feed on is well marked by their droppings, or the “drop zone,” often rendering the area unusable. Costs associated with repairing overgrazed lawns and cleanup of goose droppings can be substantial. Furthermore, the nitrogen content in the droppings can contribute to excessive algae growth in ponds and lakes, causing local health authorities to close them. In addition, goose droppings may contain parasites which can cause gastrointestinal illness. These parasites can be transmitted primarily through hand to mouth contact. Excessive goose droppings also pose a slipping hazard.

Is FlightControl PLUS cost effective?

Yes, when compared to…

  • Ongoing lawn maintenance costs for continually repairing goose damaged turf.
  • Manpower costs for raking or power washing goose droppings from “no tolerance areas.”
  • Potential liability associated with slipping and falling on goose droppings.
  • Lakes and ponds that may be closed due to excessive fecal coliform levels associated with waterfowl droppings.

FlightControl PLUS offers a threat and a consequence which conditions geese not to feed on your turf. During your first year of treatments, FlightControl PLUS should be used as a program which is designed according to your specific site needs. Once the geese are conditioned, FlightControl PLUS is applied on an “as needed” basis.

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