Pentair Lake and Pond Diffusers

Sweetwater Air Diffuser: Efficient, Low-Cost Lake And Pond Aeration

Manufacturer guaranteed to be the most efficient, Sweetwater compressor-driven lake and pond air diffuser aeration systems are an effective, low-cost method of inducing circulation to remove stratification and add oxygen. These systems are also extremely effective in maintaining ice-free areas in lakes or ponds subject to severe winter freezes.

These systems feature Sweetwater synergistic lake and pond air diffusers that have been designed to up well water at a rate of 8,000 gpm per hp, exposing it to the atmosphere and facilitating gas exchange.

pentair sweetwater pond diffusers

The system runs off of a Sweetwater oil-free rotary vane compressor that is mounted somewhere onshore. Each compressor includes a muffler, inlet check valve, control valves for each diffuser, 0-30 psi liquid-filled pressure gauges and pressure relief valves. Lockable weatherproof cabinets with cooling fans and soundproofing insulation are available, and a must for outdoor compressor installations.

Self-weighted underwater air tubing runs from the compressor on shore to the diffuser manifolds which are placed on the bottom of the lake, evenly spaced throughout the deeper portions of the water body. Pond air diffuser manifolds are easily lowered to the bottom with rope, and it is recommended that a small float be attached to this guide rope so that the diffuser can be easily found for future service

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