SOLitude Delivers Thanksgiving Meals, Launches Annual Volunteering Day

November 20th, 2019

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This season, SOLitude Lake Management is proud to announce that the company served nearly 300 families through the Little GOBBLERs program. This annual program provides food and donations to ensure families across the country, within the local communities we serve, are able to celebrate Thanksgiving.

SOLitude, an industry leader in lake, stormwater pond, wetland and fisheries management solutions, donated $7,075 in turkeys and grocery gift cards to 292 deserving families in Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, Colorado, Arizona, Texas and Florida.

SOLitude worked with 32 elementary, middle and high schools in each of these regions to identify families in need. School principals and guidance counselors collected the donated items from SOLitude on behalf of the families and ensured they were distributed appropriately. Since the inception of the Little GOBBLERs program in 2012, SOLitude has donated $35,850 and helped more than 1,600 children and families have a happier Thanksgiving.

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Environmental Scientist Grant DeMello helped deliver turkeys in Newport News, VA.

Little GOBBLERs is one of several initiatives supported by The SOLution, a company-wide program that encourages volunteerism and outreach in our local communities. In addition to this year’s Thanksgiving efforts, SOLitude is also excited to announce the inception of the first annual Heart & SOL Day on Friday, Nov 22. On this day, each of SOLitude’s 445 employees is encouraged to volunteer during work hours for a non-profit organization or charitable cause they care about. SOLitude also hopes to empower clients, partners and community members to join.

SOLitude was inspired to establish Heart & SOL Day following the discontinuation of National Make a Difference Day, which was the largest nationwide day of community service for more than 20 years. An organization called Points of Light helped introduce and lead this national event since 1992, and the SOLitude team observed it for many years. Now, through Heart & SOL Day, SOLitude looks forward to carrying on in the same spirit to positively impact the many communities we serve throughout the country.


Volunteering doesn’t have to be a huge undertaking or commitment. Groups and individuals can make a difference by lending their time or talents in a variety of ways. Consider some of the following ideas to get started:

  • Organize a yard sale for charity
  • Clean up trash in a park or neighborhood
  • Assist your local food bank
  • Coach a local youth team
  • Write cards to Cardz for Kidz or Operation Gratitude
  • Tutor or read to a child
  • Plant flowers and native plants in your community
  • Donate blood
  • Foster an animal
  • Spend time with nursing home residents

Click to learn more about The SOLution program and help us kick off a national day of volunteering in observance of the first annual Heart & SOL Day on Nov 22! Click to learn more about The SOLution program and help us kick off a national day of volunteering in observance of the first annual Heart & SOL Day on Nov 22!

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