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Volunteers Put Their Heart and SOL into Supporting Local Communities

On November 20th, individuals from across the country came together to give thanks to the environment and our local communities through a multitude of volunteering and community service events. These initiatives were organized by SOLitude Lake Management in celebration of the second annual Heart and SOL Day, which the company established in 2019 as a way to collectively demonstrate gratitude and make a positive difference on Friday preceding Thanksgiving. Heart and SOL Day is just one of several events hosted under the charitable arm of the company called The SOLution.

This year, SOLitude’s 400 colleagues were encouraged to spend up to four hours during the workday contributing to charitable initiatives that align with their passions. Across 35+ nationwide offices, participants held trash and nature preserve clean-ups, volunteered with food banks and animal sanctuaries, planted hundreds of trees and native species, and collected food and clothing donations. By the end of the day, colleagues generated approximately 330 volunteer hours which will help them reach their 2020 goal of 4,000 total hours.

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What Is Heart & SOL Day?

SOLitude was inspired to establish Heart and SOL Day following the discontinuation of National Make a Difference Day, which was the largest nationwide day of community service for more than 20 years. An organization called Points of Light helped introduce and lead this national event since 1992, and the SOLitude team observed it for many years. In that same spirit of volunteerism, SOLitude will continue to host Heart and SOL Day annually every Friday before Thanksgiving.

SOLitude’s leadership team has long prioritized serving our local communities through volunteering and founded The SOLution program in 2012. Since then, SOLitude colleagues have contributed nearly 22,000 collective hours to nonprofits and charitable efforts throughout the country. In addition to Heart and SOL Day, SOLitude provides Thanksgiving meals through the Little GOBBLERS program and gifts to children and families in need through the HOLiday Cheer program.

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