Colleagues Volunteer 423 Hours on National Day of Community Service

December 5th, 2019


SOLitude Lake Management is pleased to share the impact of the company’s first ever Heart & SOL Day, which took place on Friday, Nov. 22. This day of volunteering and community service aimed to inspire community members, homeowners and businesses throughout the country to contribute to charitable causes they care about. SOLitude’s 445 colleagues were also empowered to volunteer during work hours.

Across SOLitude’s 35+ nationwide offices, participants volunteered 423 total hours on Heart & SOL Day by contributing to trash clean-ups, food banks, animal sanctuaries, Cardz for Kidz, Habitat for Humanity builds, tree plantings and more. Click to view photos and details about these efforts.

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SOLitude was inspired to establish Heart & SOL Day following the discontinuation of National Make a Difference Day, which was the largest nationwide day of community service for more than 20 years. An organization called Points of Light helped introduce and lead this national event since 1992, and the SOLitude team observed it for many years. In that same spirit of volunteerism, SOLitude will continue to host Heart & SOL Day annually every Friday preceding Thanksgiving.

At the helm of SOLitude’s charitable initiatives in 2020 is a newly appointed national volunteering ambassador, Becky Snyder. A Customer Service Representative based out of Shrewsbury, MA, Snyder was chosen by SOLitude’s parent company, Rentokil, to oversee volunteering efforts and non-profit donations in North America through the organization’s newly established Rentokil Initial Cares (RI Cares) program.

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Snyder was selected out of 36,000 worldwide employees for her lifelong dedication to community service. She is deeply passionate about serving others and has contributed for many years to SOLitude’s internal volunteering and community outreach program, The SOLution, as both an active participant and Volunteering Team Captain for the New England region. As an RI Cares Ambassador, Snyder’s role will expand nationally as she coordinates volunteering initiatives and donations for colleagues employed by SOLitude’s many partners in the Rentokil family.

“Rentokil Initial Cares uses unclaimed shareholder dividends to support local charities. The keys to its success are our ambassadors who will champion the program locally,” Andy Ransom, CEO of Rentokil said. “Becky’s passion and commitment for supporting good causes is legendary and I know she’ll be a brilliant ambassador.”

SOLitude’s leadership team has long prioritized serving our local communities through volunteering and founded The SOLution program in 2012. Since then, SOLitude colleagues have contributed nearly 20,000 collective hours to non-profits and charitable efforts throughout the country.

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