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April 22nd, 2011

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Kevin Tucker CEO Bio PhotosSOLitude Lake Management gives back to our youth and business leaders of tomorrow…Owner Kevin Tucker has proudly participated in the Capitalism with Conscience program sponsored by Junior Achievement for the past two years. It is a program that teaches business ethics to high school juniors and seniors. Says Mr. Tucker, “It is very rewarding to work with the kids in the classroom on a subject like business ethics. It is an interactive session in which the kids are asked questions about specific scenarios, and based on their answers, a score is computed to rate their ethics. What I have been very pleased to discover in this process, is that many of the kids really get it already, and have a good ethical compass. The few who rank on the lower side of the scale usually come around during the discussion and begin to understand the importance of ethical behaviors in real world business endeavors. I think it really helps them when business owners like myself are able to provide them real world scenarios that they can relate to and ultimately comprehend the short and long term impact of the choices they make when faced with ethical dilemmas.”Well done Kevin…thank you for your help! “I would highly recommend this program to any business owner who is interested in making a positive impact on our youth!” said Mr. Tucker. Find out more about Junior Achievement at:

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