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Product Regulation Labels – New York
For Aquatic Herbicides and Algaecides in New York

The following aquatic herbicide and algaecide labels are presented for reference purposes to SOLitude Lake Management clients and affiliates in New York.

When referencing product labels, please review accompanying SLN and Supplemental labels as well. Products are listed in alphabetical order by common or trade name:

AquaPro Label
AquaPro 2ee Label
Aquasweep Label Aqua Neat Label
2ee Chinese Silver-
grass Label
AquaPRO_Label AquaPRO_Label
Aquathol K Label
Supplemental Label
SLN Irrigation/Swimming
2ee Curlyleaf & Milfoil
Aquathol Super K 2016
Aquathol Super K 2017
Aquathol Super K SLN
SLN Irrigation and
Captain Label
Supplemental Label
Captain XTR Label
Supplemental Label
Chinook Label
Chinook SLN Label
Clearcast 2.7G Label
Clearcast Label
Supplemental Label
2ee Smartweed Label
Clipper Label
Clipper SC Label
OB Copper Sulfate
Chem One Copper Sulfate



Cutrine Plus Label Cutrine Ultra Label EarthTech Primary Label
EarthTech Reduced Rate Label
EarthTech QZ Primary Label
EarthTech QZ Reduced Rate Label
Flumioxazin Red Eagle Primary Label Garlon 3A Label
Garlon 3A 2ee Label
SLN Potable Water
GreenClean 2.0 Label GreenClean 5.0 Label GreenClean Pro Label
Harpoon Granular Hydrothol 191 Label
SLN Swimming Label

Hydrothol Granular
SLN Swimming Label

Komeen Label
Komeen Supplemental
Komeen Crystal Label Nautique Label
Nautique Supplemental
Navigate Primary Label
Navigate 2ee Label
Pak 27 Label Polaris AC Label
Polaris AC 2ee Label

Polaris SP Label ProcellaCOR Label
ProcellaCOR SLN
Propeller Primary Label
Renovate 3 Label
Renovate 3 SLN Label
Renovate OTF Label
Supplemental Label 
SLN Plant Control
Reward Label
Reward SLN
Rodeo Label
Supplemental Label
Schooner Label Sculpin G Label
AquaPRO_Label SLN Cayuga Lake - products - sonar h4c - croton river
SeClear Label
SeClear SLN Label
SeClear G Label
SeClear G SLN Label
Sonar AS Label
SLN 95-0002 Label
sonar h4c main - products
Sonar Genesis Label
Supplemental Label
Sonar Genesis SLN Label
SLN Cayuga Inlet
SLN Croton River
Sonar H4C Label
Supplemental Label
Sonar H4C 2ee Label
SLN Cayuga Lake
SLN Croton River
Sonar One Label
Supplemental Label
SLN Cayuga Lake
Sonar PR Label
SLN Donahue Pond
Sonar Q Label
Supplemental Label
SLN Cayuga Lake
Sonar SRP Label
Supplemental Label
Tribune Label
Tribune SLN Label
Weedar 64 Label
Supplemental Label
2ee Water Chestnut Control Label
WEEDestroy AM-40

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