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    Product Regulation Labels - New York 

    For Aquatic Herbicides and Algaecides in New York 

    The following aquatic herbicide and algaecide labels are presented for reference purposes to SOLitude Lake Management clients and affiliates in New York.  

    When referencing product labels, please review accompanying SLN and Supplemental labels as well. Products are listed in alphabetical order by common or trade name:


    AquaPRO_Label Aquasweep_Primlabel Aquaneat_PrimLabel
    AquaPro Label
    AquaPro 2ee Label

    Aquasweep Label  Aqua Neat Label
    2ee Chinese Silver-
    grass Label


    aquathol-k-ny-label-2017.jpg AquaPRO_Label AquaPRO_Label

    Aquathol K Label
    Supplemental Label 
    SLN Irrigation/Swimming
    2ee Curlyleaf & Milfoil
    Aquathol Super K 2016
    Aquathol Super K 2017
    Aquathol Super K SLN
    SLN Irrigation and
    Captain Label
    Supplemental Label 


    CaptainXTR_PrimaryLabel_03.2017.jpg chinook-herbicide-ny AquaPRO_Label

    Captain XTR Label
    Supplemental Label


    Chinook Label
    Chinook SLN Label


    Clearcast 2.7G Label



    Clearcast_PrimaryLabel_03.2017.jpg Clipper_PrimLabel_ AquaPRO_Label

    Clearcast Label 
    Supplemental Label 
    2ee Smartweed Label
    Clipper Label
    Clipper SC Label 
    OB Copper Sulfate


    CutrinePlus_PrimLabel_ AquaPRO_Label Flumioxazin

    Cutrine Plus Label Cutrine Ultra Label Flumioxazin Red Eagle Primary Label


    AquaPRO_Label AquaPRO_Label AquaPRO_Label

    Garlon 3A Label
    Garlon 3A 2ee Label
    SLN Potable Water

    GreenClean 2.0 Label GreenClean 5.0 Label


    AquaPRO_Label AquaPRO_Label Hydrothol191_PrimaryLabel_03.2017.jpg
    GreenClean Pro Label Harpoon Granular Hydrothol 191 Label 
    SLN Swimming Label


    HydrotholGran_PrimaryLabel_03.2017.jpg Komeen_PrimLabel_ AquaPRO_Label

    Hydrothol Granular
    SLN Swimming Label

    Komeen Label
    Komeen Supplemental

    Komeen Crystal Label


    Nautique_PrimLabel_ Navigate_Primary-Label_new Pak27_PrimLabel_

    Nautique Label
    Nautique Supplemental

    Navigate Primary Label
    Navigate 2ee Label

    Pak 27 Label


    AquaPRO_Label PolarisSP_PrimLabel_ procellarcor-ny-label
    Polaris AC Label
    Polaris AC 2ee Label
    Polaris SP Label ProcellaCOR Label
    ProcellaCOR SLN


    Renovate3_PrimLabel_ RenovateOTF_PrimLabel_ Reward_PrimLabel_

    Renovate 3 Label
    Renovate 3 SLN Label
    Renovate OTF Label
    Supplemental Label 
    SLN Plant Control
    Reward Label


    rodeo-label AquaPRO_Label AquaPRO_Label
    Rodeo Label 
    Supplemental Label
    2ee Labels
    Schooner Label Sculpin G Label


    SeClear_PrimaryLabel_03.2017.jpg AquaPRO_Label SonarAS_PrimLabel_

    SeClear Label 
    SeClear SLN Label

    SeClear G Label
    SeClear G SLN Label

    Sonar AS Label
    SLN 95-0002 Label


    SonarGenesis_PrimLabel_ Sonarh4c SonarOne_PrimLabel_

    Sonar Genesis Label
    Supplemental Label
    Sonar Genesis SLN Label
    SLN Cayuga Inlet
    SLN Croton River

    Sonar H4C Label
    Supplemental Label
    Sonar H4C 2ee Label
    SLN Cayuga Lake
    SLN Croton River


    Sonar One Label
    Supplemental Label
    SLN Cayuga Lake


    SonarPR_PrimLabel_ SonarQ_PrimLabel_ SonarSRP_PrimLabel_
    Sonar PR Label
    SLN Donahue Pond
    Sonar Q Label
    Supplemental Label
    SLN Cayuga Lake 
    Sonar SRP Label
    Supplemental Label
    tribune-ny-label-2017.jpg Weedar64_PrimLabel_  WeedestroyAM_40_PrimLabel_
    Tribune Label 
    Tribune SLN Label
    Weedar 64 Label
    Supplemental Label
    2ee Water Chestnut Control Label
     WEEDestroy AM-40
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