ProcellaCOR: Invasive Aquatic Weed Management

Selectively Target Invasive Weeds

Successful nuisance and invasive weed control is a challenge that requires patience, diligence, and an array of strategies—including the use of herbicides. When used properly, herbicides can be invaluable tools for the safe, fast and cost-effective eradication of plant species that are threatening the health and balance of your local aquatic ecosystem. While herbicides sometimes get a bad rap, often due to misinformation or incorrect use by “do-it-yourselfers”, it’s important to note that all herbicides are registered and approved through a stringent process directed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Likewise, more efficient technologies, such as ProcellaCOR, are becoming available to more safely target undesirable plant species.

ProcellaCOR is a new technology that can be used for the selective control of some of our nation’s most invasive and recurring aquatic weeds. Leveraging new mechanisms to specifically target the unique growth processes of these undesirable species, ProcellaCOR helps property owners achieve long-term control of the following aquatic plants without the need for costly re-application each year.

  • Water milfoil species
  • Hydrilla
  • Water hyacinth
  • Slender spikerush
  • Crested floating heart
  • Rotala
  • Swampweed
  • Parrotfeather

ProcellaCOR’s premium low dosing features allow for a 100-1000x reduction (compared to other aquatic herbicides) in the active ingredient necessary to eradicate the invasive and noxious aquatic weeds responsible for degrading the health and use of waterbodies across the country. These superior results are paired with a Reduced Risk classification by the EPA, meaning it can be applied to lakes and ponds without impacting the native plants you enjoy or interfering with recreation. The whole family, including children and pets, can actively use waterbodies managed with ProcellaCOR without risk.

Reducing Our Ecological Impact & Preventing the Spread of Invasive Species

  • ProcellaCOR: Before & After Treatment
ProcellaCOR treatment before ProcellaCOR treatment after

ProcellaCOR Treatment Programs

Reducing our ecological impact and preventing the spread of invasive species is key to preserving the environment we love. ProcellaCOR can only be applied by Certified Specialists, who ensure it is utilized in an efficient and responsible manner as required by the label. These specialists train directly with the product manufacturer, SePRO Corporation, to expertly diagnose, prescribe and implement ProcellaCOR treatment programs.

Ultimately, ProcellaCOR is most effective when used alongside proactive strategies to reduce the spread of invasive plants. Routinely inspecting and cleaning boats and other equipment used in and around water following use, educating community members about plant identification and preventing the spread of invasive and noxious species, and partnering with experts like SOLitude to manage your water quality will go a long way in the battle against invasive species.

Whether your long-term goal is milfoil removal, hydrilla control, or safely eradicating water hyacinth for the good of the ecosystem, let the experts at SOLitude help you achieve these goals through the development of comprehensive management programs tailored to the specific needs of your lake or pond.

Contact the experts at 888-480-5253 for all of your lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management needs. 

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