Pond Algae In The Winter!?

Winter Fountain

Understanding Pond Algae and Weed Growth in the Winter

Winter is upon us and with it brings colder temperatures. These colder temperatures trigger plants to shut down and slow their growth. Algae and nuisance aquatic weeds are like any other plant, as the water temperature begins to drop in the pond this triggers the plant to shut down. However seasonal fluxes in temperature can trigger a rapid resurgence of algae and aquatic weed growth.

Now one might take great concern in this because we all want your pond to be algae free.  However the key in understanding algae and weed growth in the winter is that this temperature change is only temporary. Water is a fantastic thermal sink, meaning it can absorb and retain heat very efficiently. The shallow sections of ponds are very susceptible to this warming. A couple days of warm temperatures coupled with sunlight during the winter can dramatically increase the water temperature making it very favorable for weed and algae growth.

So the question begs how do you control algae growth in the winter? The first response for most people would be to treat it with an algaecide or herbicide. However the products that we use specify a constant minimum water temperature to ensure effective treatment. If this water temperature is not maintained, which it is not with these temporary temperature swings that only last a few days, we can not ensure proper algae control in your pond using algaecides.

The best answer to this question is patience. By understanding the growth habits of algae and weeds we know that these growths during the winter months are only temporary. We can use Mother Nature to our advantage by simply waiting a few days and allowing this temperature swing to subside, resulting in the natural control of the weeds and algae that is typical with colder water temperatures. By utilizing this more natural algae control method you are saving yourself money, because we are not using products that will be ultimately be ineffective in the long term. By limiting the unnecessary use of algaecides and herbicides, we are also reducing the impact on your pond and the overall aquatic environment.

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