Pond Aeration Penny Pinching May Be Hurting

May 28th, 2013

pond aerationOver the last couple of months at work I have seen an ongoing trend: requests to reduce the amount of time pond fountains are running in an effort to lower electricity costs and save money. While economically this makes a lot of sense, ecologically it may be setting your pond up for future problems. During the summer months, ensuring that your pond has proper aeration is critical to effective pond management. Increases in seasonal temperatures cause stratification of the pond. Stratification is the layering of water in a pond due to temperature differences. Imagine warm shallow water floating on top of colder deeper water. This causes multiple problems. First, the upper warmer layer of water does not hold oxygen very well creating a habitat unsuitable for aquatic life. Secondly, during periods of prolonged stratification, the deeper water’s oxygen is consumed by the organisms living there. The upper layer acts as a cap not allowing oxygen to be replaced. Over time, oxygen levels can become dangerously low and could eventually lead to suffocation of the species living in the waters and a fish kill.

It is these associated problems that make it so important to leave your pond fountain or aerator running during the summer months. Both systems provide a dual benefit providing both oxygen to the water and breaking those stratified layers. Constant movement of the water by the fountain or aerator keeps the water temperature more uniform not allowing those stratified layers to form. Warmer temperatures result in water loosing its ability to hold oxygen. Increased oxygenation through increased aeration is critical to maintaining healthy levels of oxygen in your pond. It is for these reasons that we do not recommend decreasing the amount of time you run your fountain or aerator.

Ideally, your fountain should run constantly to ensure that it is offering the maximum benefit to your pond. However, if you are truly concerned about the amount of time your fountain is running, there are a few more effective ways of cutting energy without negatively affecting your pond. Simply turning off the fountain lights or reducing the amount of time they are on can lower energy costs without impacting the pond’s health. Lights offer an aesthetically pleasing aspect to your fountain but offer no benefit to the pond from an ecological standpoint. Setting your fountain’s timer to power off intermittently during the day can also help with energy costs. We advise that these “off” periods last no longer than ten minutes per hour. Spacing out your shut off times for the fountain can lower run time without having as drastic of an effecting on the pond. Most fountain owners are tempted to turn their fountain off at night; however, turning your fountain off for consistently long periods of time each day may be just enough for stratification to occur causing further pond damage.

These are just a few money saving tips that we can offer to help you save some money without sacrificing the health and quality of your pond. Always contact your pond professional if you have any questions about the on-going care of your pond aeration system.

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