Natural and Effective Mosquito Control Preparation

February 27th, 2013

describe the imageSpring is just around the corner and as warm temperatures approach, your lakes and ponds will once again become a focal point and gathering spot in your community. Unfortunately, this is also the time when pesky mosquitoes begin to appear and try to ruin the fun.

Reducing mosquito populations is a common goal for most lake and pond owners. It is known that mosquitoes can spread both diseases and viruses while also being a nuisance. Mosquitoes place their eggs on the surface of calm water where they incubate and hatch. The more water movement in your pond, the less opportunity mosquitoes will have to reproduce. Therefore, lakes and ponds with aeration will have fewer calm areas available for mosquito reproduction, but unfortunately pockets of calm water may still be present. These pockets of calm water provide mosquitoes with the appropriate conditions needed to reproduce.

Adding minnows to consume mosquito larvae is ideal when trying to reduce the mosquito’s reproduction success. Fathead minnow populations reproduce frequently and feed on mosquito larvae, making them good candidates for mosquito control. Many ponds have minnow populations, but due to predation, the minnow populations become depleted and need to be replenished, often times annually.

To aid in reducing mosquitoes on your property in the coming months, SOLitude Lake Management can recommend the number of minnows that should be stocked annually to replenish the minnow population in your lakes and ponds and help you to manage your mosquito populations in a very environmentally friendly and natural way.

Get ahead of the mosquito season and look forward to an enjoyable outdoor season!


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