Remove Invasive Plants with The Mobitrac


Mobitrac: Versatile Aquatic Plant Harvesting

Lakes, ponds and wetlands serve critical roles in our ecosystem. They help reduce flooding during rainstorms, filter pollutants in our water resources, and serve as valuable habitat for fish and wildlife. Unfortunately, these important waterbodies are becoming increasingly threatened by the spread of nuisance and invasive plants, including cattails, Phragmites, torpedo grass, water hyacinth and other harmful species.

Mobitrac Invasive Plant Removal

The Mobitrac is a specialized amphibious vehicle that is used by freshwater management professionals to mechanically remove these types of undesirable vegetation from delicate ecosystems. This herbicide alternative can be equipped with 10 different attachments, including cutters, rakes and buckets to clear an array of terrestrial weeds, aquatic vegetation and algae species. The attachments are carefully navigated by a single operator with two joysticks.

Mobitrac equipment is extremely light weight, maneuverable and engineered for use on both land and water. Its versatility makes it easy to transport and highly effective at accessing hard-to-reach areas like river embankments, marshland coves and other unique terrain. Physically removing nuisance plants and debris from these areas will help minimize organic decomposition and the resulting nutrient loading that causes poor water quality conditions, harmful algae blooms and bad odors.

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