Humane Goose Control Methods: Prevent Geese From Crowding Your Pond

October 28th, 2009

Crusader_Circle_1HP_Masters_Lakewood_AquaMaster_Fountain_Virginia_Beach_VA_TrinaDuncan_02.17.14_bIf you maintain a lake or pond on your property, you know the importance of regular maintenance to ensure good water quality and the health of any aquatic plants and life residing within. Pest control is a key factor in lake management, but it doesn’t necessarily end with getting rid of insect. Geese, while graceful to see as they fly in V-formations through the air, can threaten the balance of your pond’s environment if you ignore them.

Why Is It Important to Keep Away the Geese?

Geese may look cute, and some people might not mind having a few linger around a pond for ambiance, but too many geese could disrupt the ecosystem of your pond. An adult goose can produce up to three pounds of waste daily, and once that gets into your water it could spell pollution, and problems for pond fish and plants that react badly to it. Add the amount of goose dander left behind, and you have a lake that needs serious cleaning inside and out.

Humane Methods of Goose Control

There are several humane goose control methods to consider. Specialized goose repellents, such as sprays that coat the grass, provide a reasonable solution to the problem. Find a solvent that will not harm your lake and spray regularly during the peak seasons. That should train the geese not to land on your property.

Retractable goose fences are another option, such as the Goose D Fence. These systems are not fences in the traditional sense, but are actually a network of clear wires set over a pond that prevent geese from touching down on the water. Most goose fences on the market are practically invisible, so it won’t look to visitors as though you have something installed.

Once you are able to keep geese from crowding your lake, you can continue to maintain its natural beauty. Consult with a professional lake management company for the best solution.

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