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Restore Your Native Habitat with Wetland Management

Wetlands provide food and shelter to a variety of species surrounding the watershed. These fragile ecosystems can easily be infested by non-native vegetation that out-competes the beneficial plants, leaving the ecosystem and wildlife at risk. Restoring and managing a wetland takes time, patience and the expertise of a wetland professional. 

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving wetland management projects.

Restoring a Damaged Wetland Preserve | Palo Alto, CA

before  after

This Nature Center is perched over the Baylands tidal marsh in Palo Alto, CA. The preserve is home to many species of animals, including state and federally endangered species such as the salt marsh harvest mouse, the wandering shrew, the California black rail and the Ridgway rail. This is an extremely sensitive habitat...read more.

Managing Invasive Species in Coastal Wetland | Westerly, RI

Arial View of Infestation  Result of Invasive Vegetation Removal

This wetland’s system is a freshwater pond group located on a 15-acre private property at the southern tip of Westerly, Rhode Island. These coastal ponds are separated from a sound by an approximate 250-foot-wide coastal dune and beach...read more

Managing Wetland at Farm Pond | Hellertown, PA

hellertown-pond-before-1  hellertown-pond-after

The property is a gentleman’s large farm located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.  The property includes a quarter-acre spring-fed embankment pond. The pond was filled with cattails and other invasive plants...read more

Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control

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