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Success Stories and Case Studies | Water Quality

Water quality monitoring, testing and restoration are the backbone of any long term integrated lake or pond management program. Most of the issues lake or pond owners and managers will face can be traced to an imbalance in water quality. SOLitude’s experts will provide you with a water quality management plan that will help restore balance and enhance your waterbodies.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving water quality projects.

Case Study: Algae and Vegetation Control in Denver Lake

This lake is located in Denver, CO. This park contains the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. The 23.5-acre lake has a history of recurring filamentous algae blooms.

Case Study: Restoring A 14-Acre Lake in Florida

This property is a 14-acre lake located in St. Petersburg, on the western coast of Florida. In January 2012, the HOA contacted SOLitude Lake Management to request assistance with multiple lake issues including bad odors, dead fish and other wildlife, and green murky water.

Case Study: Enhancing A Community's Canal Ecosystem

This property in the Carolinas is a residential community located in Leland, NC. The ~500-acre development currently has around 1,000 single-family homes within its confines.

Upon commencing work in the spring of 2015, our staff encountered significant populations of Bladderwort (Utricularia) and Proliferating Spikerush (Eleocharis Baldwinii). Small algal blooms of both the planktonic filamentous variety have also been observed within the waterbodies.


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