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Large Lake Management | Case Studies and Success Stories

Lake management programs can vary widely based on the intended management goals and the unique makeup of each individual lake system. As a result, developing an effective management program for larger systems requires not only a detailed initial biological assessment of conditions but also a high level of applied lake management experience.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving large lake projects.

Controlling Milfoil with Highly-Selective Technology | Fairlee, VT

This is a 500-acre waterbody in Fairlee, VT. While much of the surrounding area is undeveloped, parts of the lake are lined with residential homes. Two children’s camps are located along the lake and rely heavily on the water resource for activities…

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Mitigating HABs with Alum Application | Harwich, MA

Located in Harwich, MA, this waterbody serves as an ecological, agricultural, and recreational asset to the area. This 174-acre kettle pond is unlike many in the Cape Cod region. It’s relatively shallow in comparison to others, boasting a maximum depth of 28 ft and a mean depth of 13 ft. This pond has supported cranberry farming for roughly 150 years and is important spawning habitat for Alewife (a small fish species that migrates between fresh and saltwater)…

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