Lake Mapping and Bathymetry

SOLitude Success Stories and Case Studies

Get to Know Your Waterbody with Lake Mapping and Bathymetry

Effective lake and pond management strategies cannot be executed without looking below the surface of the waterbody. Lake mapping technology allows you to gain a better understanding of your waterbody’s characteristics, such as surface area, depth and levels of sediment buildup. With the detailed data from this technology, our mapping specialists are able to create an accurate management plan that will cater to your waterbody’s unique needs.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving lake mapping and bathymetry projects.

Mapping A Community Canal | Leland, NC

Aeration Install Throughout Canal System  Lime Application

This property in the Carolinas is a residential community located in Leland, NC. The ~500-acre development currently has around 1,000 single family homes within its confines. The waterbodies within the community consist of a 56.7-acre canal system that runs behind many of the homes, an 11.2-acre lake and eleven other small ponds…read more.

Restoring Water Quality at Lake Lake | St. Petersburg, FL

before  after

This property is a 14-acre lake located in St. Petersburg, on the western coast of Florida. In January, 2012, the HOA contacted SOLitude Lake Management to request assistance with multiple lake issues including bad odors, dead fish and other wildlife and green murky water. The following is a summary of the initial evaluation, execution of the management plan and ecological restoration of the lake over an 11-month period…read more

Managing Invasive Weeds in Large Lake | Moneta, VA

Map of Invasive Aquatic Weeds

The lake is an inland lake in the Roanoke area of Virginia with 20,260 surface acres of water and over 500 miles of shoreline. The lake was created in 1963 as a hydro-power generation facility, and is a popular recreation area with a trophy striped bass fishery…read more.

Mapping Sediment In Stormwater Ponds | Mt. Pleasant, SC

Mapping Sediment Levels In Stormwater Pond

This property has 67 stormwater ponds within the community. The ponds vary in age from over 25 years to only a few months old. The objective of the study was to determine sediment issues and status/repairs required on all 67 community-owned ponds…read more.

Bathymetric Study of A Large Lake | Tamassee, SC

Performing A Bathymetric Study

This waterbody is a 162.7-acre lake in western South Carolina. Many of the homes surrounding the lake are second homes with very few residents living on the lake year more.

Mapping Sediment Levels in an Irrigation Pond | Williamsburg, VA

Filamentous Algae Bloom In Golf Irrigation Pond  After Algaecide Treatments

This property is a large community in Williamsburg, Virginia with single family homes surrounding a golf course. Multiple lakes and ponds are located throughout the community and golf more.

Mapping and Managing Alligator Weed in Lake | Virginia Beach, VA

Analyzing Data from Bathymetric Study

This lake is a waterbody located near the Virginia Beach oceanfront and is located in a military installation and community. The lake is approximately 30-acres and ownership of the lake is split between the community and military baseread more.

Mapping a Wetland at Farm Pond | Hellertown, PA

hellertown-pond-before-1   hellertown-pond-after

The property is a gentleman’s large farm located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.  The property includes a quarter-acre spring-fed embankment pond. The pond was filled with cattails and other invasive more

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