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Achieve Beautiful Waterbodies and Turfgrass with Lake and Pond Management ServicesKeeping a golf course in pristine condition requires superintendents to juggle numerous tasks throughout the year. Pond maintenance can be a frustrating add-on to their already busy job. Not only do algae, aquatic weeds and other water quality issues create an eyesore on your course, but they can affect the efficiency of irrigation systems. With the intricacies of golf course pond management, it’s important to have an expert manage your waterbodies.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving golf course projects.

Nuisance Plant Control on Golf Course | Bald Head Island, NC

Various Algae and Aquatic Weed Species  After Targeted Algae and Weed Treatment

This property is an island off the coast of North Carolina located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. It is only accessible by ferry and allows limited gas-powered vehicles.  The majority of the transportation on the island consists of electric golf carts and more.

Muck and Algae Control in Golf Course Pond | Vero Beach, FL

Muck and Algae Developing On Shoreline  After Treatment of Muck and Cyanobacteria

This golf club is a private golf course in Vero Beach, Florida consisting of fifteen lakes. The main problem lake on the property is just less than half an acre in size, and is fed by an artesian well to keep the water levels more.

Eradicating Floating Heart in Golf Course Pond | Palm Beach, FL

before after

This property is a collection of suburban residential homes surrounding a golf course located at the northern tip of the Everglades. Due to seasonal flooding in this region, land development requires stormwater collection and flood control systems mandated by several drainage district government entities…read more

Controlling Algae in Golf Course Irrigation Pond | Williamsburg, VA

Filamentous Algae Bloom In Golf Irrigation Pond  After Algaecide Treatments

This property is a large community in Williamsburg, Virginia with single family homes surrounding a golf course. Multiple lakes and ponds are located throughout the community and golf more.

Eliminating Algae In Golf Course Lake | Williamsburg, VA

before_we  after_web-6

This golf course is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Their in-house maintenance team has historically struggled to manage water quality in their lakes. The lake frequently grew filamentous algae blooms and struggled with muck buildup which was becoming an eye-sore to more.

Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control

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