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Achieve Healthy Waterbodies with Buffer Management

Shoreline vegetative buffers are probably the single most important natural aspect to promoting and maintaining good water quality in a lake, pond, stream or other wetland site. Key buffer zones allows for the filtration of excess nutrients such as phosphorus and nitrogen from the water column, as well as from inflowing water runoff from the surrounding watersheds that typically occur after every rain event.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving buffer management projects.

Enhancing Drainage Swale Buffer | North Coventry Township, PA

Before Install of Beneficial Vegetation  Improved Drainage Swale

This park is a small township park located near Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The park has ball fields, playgrounds, a two-acre pond, a small wetland mitigation area adjacent to the pond and a system of grassy drainage swales which convey stormwater from the ball field areas to the pond…read more.

Planting a Beneficial Buffer at Farm Pond | Hellertown, PA

hellertown-pond-before-1   hellertown-pond-after

The property is a gentleman’s large farm located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.  The property includes a quarter-acre spring-fed embankment pond. The pond was filled with cattails and other invasive plants...read more

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