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Maintain Functioning Stormwater Management Facilities

Stormwater management facilities are man-made structures that help reduce flooding, slow down water flow and clean pollutants from water. It is important to ensure that your stormwater management facilities are functioning properly, especially when it rains.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving stormwater management facility projects.

White Water-Lily Control in Stormwater Facility | Bel Air, MD

Stormwater Pond Infested with White Water-Lily  Open Water Restored

0This property is a large planned residential community located in Bel Air, Harford County, MD. The community’s 0.5-acre waterbody is a stormwater management pond, and had all the associated issues commonly seen in these types of ponds, such as nutrient and sediment more.

Stormwater Facility Maintenance | Brunswick County, NC

Stormwater System

This school district comprises nearly 20 school campuses, and serves more than 12,500 students. The schools are located along the southeast coastline of North Carolina. There are a number of stormwater management systems on these sites requiring routine inspection and more.

Managing Nuisances in Stormwater Pond | Brunswick County, NC

Submersed and Floating Nuisance Species  Beautiful, Clear Stormwater Pond

This Town is located along the southeast coastline of North Carolina in Brunswick County, just north of the South Carolina state line. There are multiple freshwater ponds within the town limits that are part of stormwater drainage more.

Dense Algae Control in Stormwater Pond | Dulles, VA

Heavy Filamentous Algae Bloom  After Treatment of Filamentous Algae

This community’s 0.2-acre pond is a stormwater management facility in Northern Virginia near Dulles International Airport. The pond is over 20 years old and receives stormwater run-off from the neighboring more.

Managing Plankton Blooms in Stormwater Pond | Naples, FL

before  after

A .34 acre pond in Naples, FL, served as an important source of stormwater collection in the community. Over time, however, heavy nutrient loading through stormwater runoff and the presence of ducks had impaired water quality in the 3-5 ft deep waterbody. Members of the community began noticing bad odors and undesirable plankton blooms across the surface of the more.

Controlling Algae in Retention Pond | Hampton, VA

Pond Covered In Filamentous Algae Blooms  Successful Treatment of Algae Blooms

This church has four retention ponds on the property. This particular stormwater management facility receives runoff from the neighboring community along drainage from the church parking more.

Toxic Algae Control at Large Business Campus | San Ramon, CA

before after

This property is a large business park in San Ramon, CA. More than 600 tenants are located on the campus, including Chevron, Bank of the West, PG&E, Robert Half International, Ford Motor Company, SAP, General Electric, and JPMorgan Chase. Over 30,000 employees work at this business more.

Repairing A Stormwater Facility | Morrisville, NC

Stormwater Facility Filled with Overgrown Vegetation    Restored Stormwater Facility

A 1-acre stormwater pond was cited by the local municipality as being non-complaint with local, state and federal stormwater regulations. The municipality began fining the community for non-compliance and requested the stormwater management facility be repaired per an engineer’s more.

Eradicating Phragmites in Retention Pond | Newark, DE

Dry Stormwater Basin Infested with Invasive Vegetation  Retention Basin Restored

This property is a high end business park located in Newark, Delaware. The site consists of three stormwater basins with a focus on a dry 0.1-acre retention basin that was built in 1997read more.

Enhancing A Park Drainage Swale | North Coventry Township, PA

Before Install of Beneficial Vegetation  Improved Drainage Swale

This park is a small township park located near Pottstown, Pennsylvania. The park has ball fields, playgrounds, a 2-acre pond, a small wetland mitigation area adjacent to the pond and a system of grassy drainage swales which convey stormwater from the ball field areas to the pond…read more.

Algae Control in Stormwater Pond | Rehoboth Beach, DE

Green Filamentous Algae Mats  After Treatment of Algae Mats

This property is a private community in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, with a number of small stormwater ponds. These small ponds collect runoff from the community which results in shallow ponds with excessive nutrient more.

Regaining Function of A Stormwater Pond | Rock Hill, NC

Algae Developed In Stormwater Pond  Restored Stormwater Pond

This property is a vibrant community located in the southwestern area of Charlotte, NC, offering residents access to swimming pools, walking trails and green space. The HOA community has numerous stormwater BMP’s located throughout its six acres of more.

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