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    Controlling Water-Lily in Stormwater Pond
    Annual Management Program Case Study

    Location and Acreage:
    Bel Air, MD | 0.5-Acres

    Project Timeframe: 
    2014 to 2016

    Project Managers:
    J. Wesley Allen, Environmental Scientist and District Manager

    Key Staff:
    Gavin Ferris, Ecologist

    Site Description:
    This property is a large planned residential community located in Bel Air, Harford County, MD. The community’s waterbody is a stormwater management pond, and had all the associated issues commonly seen in these types of ponds, such as nutrient and sediment pollution. The pond is 0.5 acres with a three-foot average depth and has minor to moderate flow during normal conditions. During periods of heavy precipitation, the flow discharges directly into a waterway that connects to the Bush River that enters the Chesapeake Bay.

    Stormwater Pond Infested with White Water-Lily  Open Water Restored

    Scope of Work:
    The community first reached out to SOLitude Lake Management in 2014. At that time, the pond surface was 100% covered in fragrant white water-lily. Although the water-lily is a native plant, it had become invasive and threatened the structural integrity and storage volume of the pond—the major functions of a stormwater facility. The property manager was worried about the lily reducing the stormwater volume and potentially causing flooding by clogging the outlet structure. There were also concerns regarding reduced recreational opportunities for resident fisherman. The lily problem had really exploded over the previous two years.

    Project Description:
    SOLitude was hired to perform an initial (one-time treatment) in July of 2014. On July 11, 2014, an environmentally sensitive aquatic product was applied to the pond. The application was conducted by hand-spreader throughout the pond with a focus on the up-outlet portions. The target was selected due to the maturity of the plants at the time of treatment, as well as its quicker release profile. The pond was checked in early August of 2014, and all of the water-lily in the pond was dead or dying. The weather had been dry, so there had been little flow through the pond. Because of these factors, a Fast-test and follow-up treatment was not needed. The ease of application and the effectiveness of the product made this initial treatment a winner for both SOLitude and the client.

    In 2015, SOLitude Lake Management did not do any treatments at this particular pond. The community had another stormwater pond that had algae and vegetation issues, so treatment efforts were focused there. SOLitude was in the area for these treatments in June of 2015. At that time, very few water-lilies were present in stormwater pond.

    The community decided in May of 2016 to contract SOLitude Lake Management to provide Annual Management Services for the stormwater pond. These services included monitoring, pond weed treatment, shoreline vegetation treatment, algae treatment and reporting. On May 12, 2016, SOLitude performed the first service visit to the pond under the Annual Management program. An environmentally sensitive aquatic product was applied to control the minor fragrant white water-lily that had returned to the pond and a small amount of curly-leaf pondweed. The application was conducted by hand-spreader throughout the pond with a focus on the up-outlet portions. The pond has been visited twice a month since the application. The water-lily and pond weed were effectively controlled the entire growing season. The client has been extremely happy with the results, noting a significant difference in appearance and function of the pond.

    Guide To Sustainable Pond Algaes & Aquatic Weed Control
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