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    Aquatic Weed and Algae Control 

    SOLitude Success Stories and Case Studies

    Aquatic Weed and Algae Control

    Nuisance aquatic vegetation and algae can negativley impact your aquatic ecosystem in a number of ways. Nuisance vegetation is not only unsightly, but can sometimes be a danger to aquatic life and humans depending on the species. SOLitude's certified applicators help assess the issues and form holistic management plans to help reduce the presence of aquatic weeds and algae.

    Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving aquatic weed and algae control projects.

    Algae and Weed Control in Colorado HOA Pond | Broomfield, CO

    before_web_co  after_web_co

    This community pond in Broomfield, CO, is located adjacent to a new development as well as a popular open space trail system. This pond is assumed to be an old stock pond that is now used as a stormwater management facility for the newly constructed community. The pond is overlooked by several houses and receives complaints when it begins to experience nuisance algal blooms...read more.

    Widgeon Grass and Algae Control | Bald Head Island, NC

    Various Algae and Aquatic Weed Species  After Targeted Algae and Weed Treatment

    This property is an island off the coast of North Carolina located at the mouth of the Cape Fear River. It is only accessible by ferry and allows limited gas-powered vehicles. The majority of the transportation on the island consists of electric golf carts and bicycles...read more.

    White Water-Lily Control | Bel Air, MD

    Stormwater Pond Infested with White Water-Lily  Open Water Restored

    This property is a large planned residential community located in Bel Air, Harford County, MD. The community’s 0.5-acre waterbody is a stormwater management pond, and had all the associated issues commonly seen in these types of ponds, such as nutrient and sediment pollution...read more.

    Eradicating Floating Heart in Golf Course Pond | Palm Beach, FL

    before after

    This property is a collection of suburban residential homes surrounding a golf course located at the northern tip of the Everglades. Due to seasonal flooding in this region, land development requires stormwater collection and flood control systems mandated by several drainage district government entities...read more

    Eradicating Azolla Aquatic Weed in Irrigation Pond | Watsonville, CA

    before treatment after treatment

    This irrigation pond is a 1.7 acre pond on a private property in Watsonville, CA, that experienced an intense azolla infestation. Azolla is a genus of seven species of aquatic ferns (weeds) in the family Salviniaceae. They resemble duckweed or some mosses and were severely impacting the owner’s use of the waterbody for irrigation of food crops...read more

    Controlling Milfoil in Drinking Water Reservoir | Erie, CO

    Before Milfoil Treatment After Milfoil Treatment

    In 2019, SOLitude Lake Management was awarded the contract for a one-time treatment for a Colorado city’s 30-surface-acre back-up drinking water reservoir. The reservoir contacted SOLitude Lake Management with concerns of overabundant aquatic vegetation growth...read more

    Spatterdock Control | Boyce, VA

    Pond Covered In Invasive Plants and Algae Blooms  Pond Free of Nuisance Aquatic Weeds

    This property was previously a cattle farm, but is now used primarily as a private weekend recreational residence. The owner is an avid angler and hired SOLitude Lake Management to develop a Fisheries Management Plan for the 5.5-acre lake...read more.

    Bladderwort and Duckweed Control | Brentsville, VA

    Pond Covered in Algae  Restored Water Quality After Algae Bloom

    This property is a privately-owned horse farm with a small recreational pond that receives drainage from the barn area and several of the horse fields. The horses on the farm also use the 0.7-acre pond for drinking and wading...read more.

    Duckweed Management | Brentwood, TN

    Duckweed and Filamentous Algae Blooms  After Treatment of Filamentous Algae Bloom and Duckweed

    The client contacted SOLitude looking for a solution to an aesthetic issue with his 0.33-acre pond. He had been dealing with duckweed growth over the past few seasons, and had seen the problem steadily become worse. As a private land owner, he had some budget concerns and wanted to keep costs at a minimum...read more.

    Toxic Algae Control at Large Business Campus | San Ramon, CA

    before after

    This property is a large business park in San Ramon, CA. More than 600 tenants are located on the campus, including Chevron, Bank of the West, PG&E, Robert Half International, Ford Motor Company, SAP, General Electric, and JPMorgan Chase. Over 30,000 employees work at this business park...read more.

    Giant Salvinia Treatment in Large Lake | Bossier City, LA

    la-lake-before    la-lake-after

    This waterbody is a 664-acre lake located on an airforce base near Bossier City, Louisiana. The lake is relatively shallow, averaging less than four feet deep, and serves as a valuable resource to the base...read more.

    Controlling Nuisance Aquatic Weeds | Brunswick County, NC

    Stormwater System

    This school district comprises nearly 20 school campuses, and serves more than 12,500 students. The schools are located along the southeast coastline of North Carolina. There are a number of stormwater management systems on these sites requiring routine inspection and maintenance...read more.

    Parrotfeather and Algae Control in Private Pond | New Baltimore, VA

    Before_web-3    After_web-3

    In June 2019, SOLitude was contacted by a private homeowner to assess their pond. Upon the initial site visit, it was found that the waterbody at the residence had not been previously managed and was fully choked out with Parrotfeather. The growth was obstructing the flow of the pond and beginning to promote watermeal growth by blocking the stand-pipe...read more.

    Maidencane and Water Milfoil Control | Boiling Spring Lakes, NC

    Mechanical Harvesting and Treatment Results

    This city is located near the southeastern coast of North Carolina, in Brunswick County. There are numerous freshwater lakes within the City Limits, many of which are used for recreational purposes that include boating, swimming and fishing...read more.

    Managing Nuisance Vegetation | Brunswick County, NC

    Submersed and Floating Nuisance Species  Beautiful, Clear Stormwater Pond

    This town is located along the southeast coastline of North Carolina in Brunswick County, just north of the South Carolina State line. There are multiple freshwater ponds within the town limits that are part of stormwater drainage features...read more.

    Rare Algae Control In Arizona Community Pond | Scottsdale, AZ

    Before_web-4  Afer_web

    This property is Scottsdale, Arizona’s premier master-planned community. After receiving a call from a property manager stating that his entire lake is red/orange, we knew what the species was: B. braunii is a unique form of algae that is very rare in the United States...read more.

    Aeration Install and Duckweed Control | Charlottesville, VA

    Fishing Pond in Poor Health  Pond Restored after Duckweed and Watermeal Removal

    This property is a camp in Charlottesville, Virginia that offers children with special health needs an opportunity to enjoy all of the fun activities of a summer camp in a safe and medically supervised environment. SOLitude Lake Management “adopted” the 1.95-acre fishing pond on the property in 2013 as part of our Love Your Lake community outreach program...read more.

    Managing Algae in a Texas Community Pond | Desoto, TX

    before_web  after_web

    This property is a small suburban community located on the outskirts of Dallas, TX. SOLitude Lake Management won the contract in the spring of 2019 for the HOA’s half-acre stormwater pond, which was nearly 100% covered with filamentous algae...read more.

    Restoring An Aquatic Weed-Infested Pond | St. Cloud, FL

    before  after

    A half-acre pond located on a private residence in St. Cloud, FL was plagued by nuisance weeds, including Salvinia, that completely covered the surface of the 4-5 ft deep waterbody, preventing the property owners from enjoying the beauty and functionality of their freshwater resource...read more.

    Controlling Milfoil with Highly-Selective Technology | Fairlee, VT

    before   after

    This is a 500-acre waterbody in Fairlee, VT. While much of the surrounding area is undeveloped, parts of the lake are lined with residential homes. Two children’s camps are located along the lake and rely heavily on the water resource for activities...read more.

    Hydrilla Control in Resort Pond | Charlottesville, VA

    Hydrilla Infested Pond  After Controlling Hydrilla

    This property is a high-profile resort and conference center and they have very high standards for the aesthetics of the 2.4-acre ponds. There are two waterbodies on the property, which are centrally located among the facilities and can be viewed from the exclusive restaurant and spa area...read more.

    Managing Plankton Blooms in Stormwater Pond | Naples, FL

    before  after

    A .34 acre pond in Naples, FL, served as an important source of stormwater collection in the community. Over time, however, heavy nutrient loading through stormwater runoff and the presence of ducks had impaired water quality in the 3-5 ft deep waterbody. Members of the community began noticing bad odors and undesirable plankton blooms across the surface of the water...read more.

    Duckweed Management in Private Pond | Clemmons, NC

    Duckweed Covering Pond  Restored Water Quality After Duckweed Treatment

    In 2015, this client was in the process of purchasing a large private property in Clemmons, NC that had a 12-acre pond on it. The pond was covered with duckweed and they reached out to SOLitude to explore treatment options prior to even purchasing the property...read more.

    Eliminating Algae In Golf Course Lake | Williamsburg, VA

    before_we  after_web-6

    This golf course is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Their in-house maintenance team has historically struggled to manage water quality in their lakes. The lake frequently grew filamentous algae blooms and struggled with muck buildup which was becoming an eye-sore to players...read more.

    Algae and Vegetation Control in Park Lake | Denver, CO

    Poor Water Quality and Toxic Algae Blooms  Restored Water Quality of A Park Lake

    This lake is located in Denver, CO. This park contains the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of Science and Nature. The 23.5-acre lake has a history of recurring filamentous algae blooms, often so notable they get attention of the local news and media publications...read more.

    Dense Algae Control in Community Pond | Dulles, VA

    Heavy Filamentous Algae Bloom  After Treatment of Filamentous Algae

    This community’s 0.2-acre pond is a stormwater management facility in northern Virginia near Dulles International Airport. The pond is over 20 years old and receives stormwater run-off from the neighboring communities...read more.

    Controlling Hydrilla in Large Lake | Cayuga, NY


    This control project took place on approximately 266 total acres. The targeted areas compromised of several inlets within the lake...read more.

    Controlling Nuisance Plants and Nutrient Levels | Gainesville, VA

    Results of High Nutrient Levels and Sediment Buildup  Clear, Algae Free Water

    This property is an active adult community in Northern Virginia that features an
    18-hole championship golf course and over 16 waterbodies on its 750-acres. Many of the waterbodies experience algae blooms and submersed aquatic weed growth caused by high nutrient levels from fertilizer and sediment buildup.
    ..read more.

    Parrotfeather Control in Pond | Glenwood, MD

    Parrotfeather Infesting Private Pond  Parrotfeather Treatment Results

    This property is a privately-owned 0.35-acre pond located in Glenwood, Maryland. This popular pond containing a single fountain accents the beauty of the property, and also has a healthy fishery that is enjoyed by family and friends. The client contacted SOLitude Lake Management with concerns regarding a nuisance aquatic plant within the pond...read more.

    Managing Algae Mats in Community Pond | Greensboro, NC

    Severe Filamentous Algae Blooms  After Fountain Install and Algae Treatment

    This property is a community located in Greensboro, North Carolina and has a
    1-acre stormwater pond, which has had a filamentous algae problem for several years. In the spring of 2016, the community manager reached out to SOLitude Lake Management for assistance.
    ..read more.

    Controlling Algae in Retention Pond | Hampton, VA

    Pond Covered In Filamentous Algae Blooms  Successful Treatment of Algae Blooms

    This church has four retention ponds totalling to 0.9-acres on the property. This particular stormwater management facility receives runoff from the neighboring community along drainage from the church parking lot...read more.

    Milfoil Control in Large Lake | Cazenovia, NY

    Large New York Recreational Lake

    This Lake is a 1,164-acre waterbody located in Madison County, New York. The lake was listed on the New York State Priority Waterbody List in 1996 as being threatened due to excessive weeds and algae...read more.

    Filamentous Algae Control in Private Pond | Hope, NJ

    Filamentous Algae Mats Covering the Pond's Surface  After Filamentous Algae Treatment

    This pond is a 0.25-acre private pond located in Hope, NJ. The pond owner has been a client of SOLitude’s for some time, and participates in our Annual Management Program. The client contacted SOLitude in February when algae blooms were noticed...read more.

    Algae and Nutrient Control In Community Pond | Lewes, DE

    Results of Poor Water Quality and Algae Blooms  Restored Water Quality at HOA Pond

    This property is a subdivision just outside Lewes in Sussex County, Delaware on Gills Neck Road, encompassing 35-acres which includes 162 lots of ½ to 3 acres each. The landscape was developed in 2007 and this private community is about 75% completed. It is made up of mostly single-family homes and includes a community pool, pool house and park...read more.

    Managing Southern Naiad in School Lake | Madison, VA

    Invasive Weeds Clogging the Irrigation Intake  After Removal of Aquatic Weeds

    This property is a prestigious, all-male boarding school that is attended by students from all over the world. The school is known for its impressive recreational amenities, such as a golf course, numerous sports fields, several swimming pools, as well as boating and fishing lakes...read more.

    Eurasian Watermilfoil Control in Public Lake | Monument, CO

    Eurasian Watermilfoil Infestation  After Eurasian Watermilfoil Removal

    This lake is public aquatic resource about 30-acres in size and is used for a variety of non-motorized recreational activities. The resource is popular for Northern Pike, stocked Rainbow Trout, and Largemouth Bass fishing...read more.

    Improving Water Quality In a Community Pond | Pleasant Hill, CA

    before after

    A small community pond in Pleasant Ridge, CA, was suffering from prolific algae production, offensive odors, poor water quality and disturbing fish kills. The homeowners association that owned the pond was receiving complaints and was at a loss with how to reverse the displeasing water quality issues they were experiencing at this focal point in the neighborhood...read more.

    Controlling Water Solider in Canadian Lake | Ontario, Canada

    Water Solider Infesting the Waterbody  Clear, Open Water Restored After Management

    This waterbody provides a link between Lake Ontario in the southeast and Georgian Bay in the northwest, allowing boat navigation for its entire 240 mile length through a system of rivers and lakes, and 41 locks...read more.

    Controlling Green Algae in Community Pond | Rehoboth Beach, DE

    Green Filamentous Algae Mats  After Treatment of Algae Mats

    This property is a private community in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, with a number of small stormwater ponds. These small ponds collect runoff from the community which results in shallow ponds with excessive nutrient pollution...read more.

    Filamentous Algae Control in Stormwater Pond | Rock Hill, NC

    Algae Developed In Stormwater Pond  Restored Stormwater Pond

    This property is a vibrant community located in the southwestern area of Charlotte, NC, offering residents access to swimming pools, walking trails and green space. The HOA community has numerous stormwater BMP’s located throughout its six acres of land...read more.

    Algae Control in Public Park | Shrewsbury, MA

    Filamentous Algae Growth in Pond  Clear Pond with Improved Water Quality

    This property is a public park and recreation area which has walking trails, ball fields and park benches throughout. It is located just off Main Street in Shrewsbury, MA. The 11-acre pond is located in the middle of the park and is a focal point of the entire park...read more.  

    Muck and Algae Control in Golf Course Pond | Vero Beach, FL

    Muck and Algae Developing On Shoreline  After Treatment of Muck and Cyanobacteria

    This golf club is a private golf course in Vero Beach, Florida consisting of fifteen lakes. The main problem lake on the property is just less than half an acre in size, and is fed by an artesian well to keep the water levels constant...read more.

    Algae and Shoreline Weed Control in Pond | Virginia Beach, VA

    Before Algae and Weed Treatment  After Algae and Weed Control Management 

    This client is a large residential community located in southern Virginia Beach, VA. The property contains 12 ponds, 13 fountains and a submersed aeration system...read more.

    Controlling Algae in Golf Course Irrigation Pond | Williamsburg, VA

    Filamentous Algae Bloom In Golf Irrigation Pond  After Algaecide Treatments

    This property is a large community in Williamsburg, Virginia with single family homes surrounding a golf course. Multiple lakes and ponds are located throughout the community and golf course...read more.

    Fanwort and Watermilfoil Control in Pond | Wareham, MA

    Aquatic Invasive Plants Investing Lake  After Aquatic Herbicide Treatment

    This property, located in Wareham, Massachusetts, is a 150-acre waterbody owned by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and is managed by the MA Division of Fish and Wildlife (MA DFG)...read more.

    Managing Duckweed in Trophy Fishery | Winnsboro, TX

    Duckweed Covering Fishery Lake  After A Successful Duckweed Treatment

    This client strives to be a premier Trophy Bass Fishery located in Winnsboro, Texas. They have several brood ponds located on-site that are used for growing forage fish. Brood Pond #2 is a 4-acre pond...read more.

    Managing Overgrown Vegetation at Farm Pond | Hellertown, PA

    hellertown-pond-before-1  hellertown-pond-after

    The property is a gentleman’s large farm located in Hellertown, Pennsylvania.  The property includes a quarter-acre spring-fed embankment pond. The pond was filled with cattails and other invasive plants...read more

    Milfoil Removal in Marina Bay | Wolfeboro, NH

    watermilfoil-before-case-study  after-watermilfoil-case-study

    This site is a 34-acre bay located on Lake Winnipesaukee in Wolfeboro, NH. The bay is relatively shallow, averaging about six feet deep. It serves as a valuable resource to the surrounding community by providing excellent fish and wildlife habitat, as well as recreational opportunities, such as fishing, boating, wildlife viewing, a competitive tournament water skiing course/jump and a designated model sailboat racing area...read more

    Eradicating Milfoil In Colorado Community Pond | Broomfield, CO

    before_web-5  After_web-5

    This property is located within a high-end development in Broomfield, CO, and includes several beautiful homes overlooking the pond. The pond was constructed as part of the development as a recreational and aesthetic asset for homeowners. It serves as the focal point for the small homeowner’s association and the expectations for its appearance are high...read more.

    Removing Nuisance Emergent Vegetation | Webster, MA

    hydro-rate-before-case-study  hydro-rate-after-case-study

    This site is a 4.2-acre pond located within the western section of Webster Lake. The pond has historically served as a direct inlet into Webster Lake, with a culvert connecting the pond to the watershed...read more

    Watermilfoil and Variable Milfoil Removal | Goshen, CT

    goshen-case-study-2    goshen-case-study

    This pond is a 42-acre naturally-formed waterbody. The pond consists of a single basin with a limited littoral zone. The maximum recorded depth in the pond is 32 ft and the average depth is approximately 15 ft...read more

    Controlling Algae with Nanobubbles | Bonita Springs, FL


    This site is a large planned community within a Community Development District in Bonita Springs, FL. There are approximately 1,821 acres within the CDD. The community includes several golf courses, recreational areas, and over 50 lakes...read more. 

    Hydrilla Removal at Fishing Club | West Point, VA

    Largemouth Bass Caught at Virginia Fishing Club

    This Fishing Club is a 47-member private sports club located in the heart of central Virginia. Over the years, the fishery has produced a significant number of Largemouth Bass weighing between 5 and 10 pounds, but their success has been inconsistent...read more.

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