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Aeration, Fountains, and Nanobubble Technology | Success Stories and Case Studies

Oxygen is the key to creating a healthy, balanced waterbody, whether it is achieved using a submersed aeration system, floating fountain or nanobubbles system. Lakes and ponds without oxygen often face water quality issues such as algae blooms and, in some cases, fish kills. With the addition of a lake or pond aeration system, you can help improve your waterbody by providing an oxygen-rich environment for the aquatic ecosystem.

Below are case studies highlighting a few of our success stories involving aeration, fountain, and nanobubble projects.

Restoring Water Quality at Lake Lake | St. Petersburg, FL

This property is a 14-acre lake located in St. Petersburg, on the western coast of Florida. In January 2012, the HOA contacted SOLitude Lake Management to request assistance with multiple lake issues including bad odors, dead fish and other wildlife, and green murky water. The following is a summary of the initial evaluation, execution of the management plan and ecological restoration of the lake over an 11-month period…

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Enhancing A Community Canal System with Aeration | Leland, NC

This property in the Carolinas is a residential community located in Leland, NC. The ~500-acre development currently has around 1,000 single-family homes within its confines. The waterbodies within the community consist of a 56.7-acre canal system that runs behind many of the homes, an 11.2-acre lake, and eleven other small ponds…


Controlling Algae with Nanobubbles | Bonita Springs, FL

This site is a large planned community within a Community Development District in Bonita Springs, FL. There are approximately 1,821 acres within the CDD. The community includes several golf courses, recreational areas, and over 50 lakes…

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