Defoam Your Pond For Good Environmental Health

October 28th, 2009

F10_FoamkillWhen you think of foam, it might generate different images and thoughts. A rabid dog foaming at the mouth indicates a dangerous situation, while a child playing with a mass of soapy bubbles evokes a more pleasant feeling. Foam floating on the surface of a lake, however, is not so enjoyable since it can pose an environmental problem. The more you learn about the causes and effects of foamy pond water the sooner you can eliminate this potential pollutant and keep your aquatic life and plants safe.

What Causes Pond Foam?

In short, on the water’s surface there are a smaller amount of water molecules than deeper in the pond. These molecules stick together since they cannot connect with the air, and as a result this bond creates a film that forms a barrier that, as surface tension lessens, produces bubbles. The more bubbles that result, the foamier the water gets.

Lake foam can occur naturally or through pollution – especially when detergents or soaps are released into the water. While most people often associate soap with cleanliness, in a lake it can lead to problems. Increase in bacteria, threats to pond fish and other animal life, and dirt flotation are a few of the results that can harm the aesthetic beauty of your water property. This is why it’s important to reduce and eliminate altogether the buildup on the water’s surface and around the edges of the lake.

Getting Rid of It

Do your research to find a safe defoaming solution to use in your water. Most industry defoamers contain chemicals that help break up the bubbles that surface, so you want to be sure what you put in your like won’t harm any fish or plants. Contacting a professional lake management company is a good way to ensure the health of your lake property.

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