Control Mosquitoes: West Nile Virus Spotted in Virginia Beach

September 24th, 2010

Mosquito_article-_Asian_tiger_mosquito-SLMThe Virginian-Pilot has reported today that chickens and mosquitoes in the Virginia Beach and Pungo areas are reported to be carrying the West Nile Virus. More commonly believed to be a problem in the summertime, this disease doesn’t discriminate when it comes to the seasons. The West Nile Virus is spread through mammals, humans, and birds through mosquito bites, and symptoms and severity of the disease may vary. Children, seniors, and those with low immune systems are most vulnerable to the illness, which is known to cause flu-like qualities and is sometimes fatal.

Therefore it is important to make certain your lake is prepared by putting mosquito control and pest control in place. Mosquitoes breed in standing water, which is why lake management companies recommend a quality pond aeration system to keep your water moving and healthy. If you need assistance in ridding your lake of bugs that may carry infectious disease, call SOLitude Lake Management today at 888-480-LAKE(5253).

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