Choosing the Right Floating Fountain For Your Pond

September 20th, 2009

pond_aeration_floating_fountain_bIf you own commercial property, manage a large apartment complex, or run an outdoor resort, one thing is clear: if there is a lake or pond on the property, it is strongly recommended to upkeep the way it looks. Installing a floating fountain is not only a visually pleasing addition to your land, but also helps keep the water fresh and free of environmental problems.

Why a Fountain?

Especially if you live in an area prone to humidity and prolonged months of warm weather, stagnant lakes and ponds can prove a popular breeding ground for mosquitos and harmful elements. Nobody likes to stroll along a waterbody with a thick green skin of pond algae floating on top – installing a fountain, however, helps keep the water moving above and below the surface. The more aeration a stagnant body of water receives, the less chance of pollution.

Once you have decided to add a pond fountain to your property, next comes the question: what kind? Yes, there are many options to consider.

Patterned Geysers

Think all fountain geysers are the same? If you are unfamiliar with the installation of a pond fountain, you will be surprised to know that a variety of models exist to display different aesthetic looks to your outdoor property. Some of the more traditional geyser styles include:

  • Crystalline: this produces a beautiful diamond shaped-spray
  • Crown and Geyser: a traditional upshoot of water is enhanced by smaller, lower sprays, giving the geyser the effect of sitting on a “crown”
  • Plume: this particular nozzle sprays a wide funnel of water which resembles an ostrich’s plume
  • Plum Tree: Not as wide as the Plume, the volume of water produced from this geyser rises and falls in a round shape, giving the appearance of a tree

Most manufacturers of lake fountains will offer other styles under different names. As you shop around for a lake management company to assist in beautifying your property, you’ll discover how much there is involved in installing a fountain. Don’t be intimidated, however. Pond maintenance is more affordable than you think, and given the benefits it is an investment that quickly pays for itself.

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