Case Study: Shoreline Restoration at Recreational Lake


A premier sporting community in the heart of South Carolina Lowcountry offers the perfect backdrop for nature lovers seeking authentic experiences on and near the water. Outdoorsmen and women who reside in this community enjoy front row access to 3,500 acres of huntlands, fresh and saltwater fishing impoundments, and miles of unspoiled marshes.

The vibrant activity around these wildlife areas includes crabbing and oystering, boating and kayaking, fishing, golfing, horseback riding, and hiking. The area is also home to an array of unique wildlife, including southern fox squirrels, American alligators, chukar, pheasant, deer, river otters, bottlenose dolphin, and many other treasured species.

Due to the positioning of this time-honored community along the East coast, wind and rain have caused the banks along certain fishing impoundments to erode over time, creating drop offs ranging from 18 in to 4 ft. The community considered a number of solutions, including bulkheads and rip-rap, but had concerns that such options would detract from the natural landscape for which the community is known.

SOX Erosion Control system was ultimately selected as the solution for the sedimentation problems the community was experiencing. Unlike traditional options, SOX can be seamlessly introduced along a shoreline to create a harmonious transition from water to land. In addition to providing long-term erosion control benefits, native flowers and grasses can be planted directly into the material, allowing for the cultivation of lush buffers around precious fishing and recreational waterbodies.

A team of eight professionals spent nine days installing a 12 ft-wide SOX system along 1000 linear feet of shoreline. Of the 34 waterbodies located on the property, this particular lake is relied upon for fishing and also serves as a focal point for a horseback riding trail that runs parallel to the site. A mechanical hydro-rake was used to scoop eroded sediment out of the waterbody and deposit it on shore for integration into the SOX system. In addition to increasing depth in the waterbody, the use of on-site sediment (as opposed to trucked in dirt) helped reduce overall project expenses.

Once filled with sediment, the SOX system was shaped to integrate naturally into the existing shoreline. The SOLitude team made additional considerations to extend the length of key pipes and drains located within the bank. The restoration work was completed with the installation of native plant species in the precious littoral zones of the waterbody. The community was extremely pleased with the ease and fast-paced transformation of the shoreline restoration, which minimally impacted residents and will provide more than 10 years of erosion control.

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