Blue Water Satellite Water Quality Monitoring Recognized by NASA

February 24th, 2010

bluewater-logo-1SOLitude Lake Management has been working diligently with Blue Water Satellite to bring its remote satellite water quality monitoring technology into the forefront of environmentally sound aquatic resource management. We are proud to have aligned ourselves with this company and the technology they have to offer our clients around the country. BWS was recently recognized for its achievements by NASA.

BWS is dedicated to helping maintain the safety and purity of the world’s water supply. They use patented satellite imaging technology to detect the presence, location and concentration (down to parts per billion) of early Cyanobacteria blooms in the world’s lakes, streams, rivers, ponds and reservoirs. Early detection lowers chemical treatment costs and reduces damage to the water body. Satellite imaging is low cost and a key to improving the safety and quality of the world’s drinking water supply and recreational use waters. BWSI™ technology can also detect total sulfate, total phosphate, total vegetation coverage, turbid water and leaks. Blue Water Satellite offers a monthly monitoring service in NC, VA, WV, MD, DE, PA, NJ, & NY through SOLitude Lake Management, and is currently sampling water bodies in AL, AZ, IA, IN, OH, FL, MI and Canada as well. Water quality testing data is supplied in GIS compatible files and is available to customers in a secure area on the web.

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