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    Winter Fountain Maintenance: Time for an Oil & Seals Change?

    by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Oct 09, 2018

    Warwickresort.winterpond.newportnewsVA_DaveR_1.18.15_eYour floating fountain helps to maintain the balance of your pond or lake with constant aeration while providing a pleasing view throughout summer months. As we head into winter, now is the best time to consider scheduling critical maintenance and “TLC” for your fountain, such as an oil and seals maintenance service.

    This important fountain maintenance task will ensure that your seals are working as designed, preventing any water from leaking into the unit, and that that your pond fountain is running with clean oil. The oil and seals service includes performing an internal inspection of the power unit (motor and related parts), making any necessary adjustments, replacing any worn parts, and changing the oil, rotary shaft seal, and all related parts. Changing the oil in your fountain works much like changing the oil in your car: the cleaner the oil, the smoother it runs.

    SOLitude can provide an oil and seals service on any brand of fountain that uses oil-cooled submersible motors. Manufacturers recommend that this service be performed on a once every three (3) year basis and every two years for ½ HP units. Our highly trained team of experts can remove your fountain’s power unit, perform the maintenance service and have it back in the water quickly with little down time.

    Please keep in mind that routine fountain maintenance will help minimize the need for more expensive repairs and replacement in the future, and is imperative for ensuring that your floating fountains operate properly all year round. Your fountains are a valuable asset and it is important to keep them running at their best, regardless of how you choose to manage your fountain this winter.

    The cost to perform the routine oil and seals maintenance service is determined by the size of your fountain.

    Contact us to schedule routine oil and seals maintenance or find out if you're fountains are due for service.

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    Maintain Your Fountains

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