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Invasive Common Carp & White Suckers: Removing Nuisance Exotic Fish

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Feb 08, 2018

Common Carp

The United States has a history of non-native fish species entering waterways and becoming a nuisance within the aquatic ecosystem. The state of Colorado, in particular, is home to nuisance species such as Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio) and White Suckers (Catostomus commersoni). Though some of these invasive and exotic fish may be desirable by some, the impact they have on the health of a waterbody and the native fish can be detrimental.

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Topics: Fisheries Management, Pond Management Best Practices

SOLitude Named World’s Largest Distributor of AquaMaster Fountains

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Feb 06, 2018

Floating Fountains

SOLitude Lake Management is now recognized as the world’s largest distributor of AquaMaster fountains and aeration systems by AquaMaster, the leading brand and largest manufacturer of lake and pond aeration equipment. The designation was made in January, following several years of SOLitude’s consistent placement as one of AquaMaster’s top three distributors.

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Topics: SOLitude News, Aeration

Use Aeration to Protect Your Fish This Winter

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Feb 01, 2018

Frozen Pond

Written by Industry Expert Joe Holz, International Sales Manager at Kasco Marine

As we continue through the cold, winter months, protecting your fish should be on your top priority list. Many pond owners understand the need to have good oxygen levels to maintain a healthy, thriving fish population, however, most only think about oxygen levels during warm, summer months. Winter oxygen levels in areas that ice over can be just as, or even more, critical than during warmer times of the year. Low oxygen levels and the buildup of harmful gases over the winter can create dangerous conditions for fish in your pond.

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Topics: Fisheries Management, Aeration

SOLitude Announces Record Year of Community Outreach Efforts

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 29, 2018

The SOLution

SOLitude Lake Management is pleased to announce the results of the company’s 2017 charitable initiatives and impact in our local communities through SOLitude’s volunteerism and outreach program, The SOLution.

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Topics: SOLitude News, The SOLution

SOLitude Recognizes Final Volunteer of the Quarter for 2017

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 24, 2018

The SOLution

Through our corporate volunteering and community outreach program, The SOLution, SOLitude has named Regional Administrator Becky Snyder of Massachusetts as the Volunteer of the Quarter for the fourth quarter of 2017. Becky (left) has been active and engaged in organizing team volunteering events benefitting local non-profits and environmental needs in her surrounding community, and rallying her coworkers to join in the efforts.

Becky plays a vital role in 

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Topics: The SOLution

Building the Fishing Pond of Your Dreams

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 18, 2018

Largemouth Bass

AS SEEN IN Pond Boss Magazine: Written by Industry Expert Dave Beasley, Fisheries Biologist & Director of Fisheries 

Pursuing your dreams is an incredibly gratifying experience that has a way of bringing out the best in yourself. For some of us, that involves creating a trophy fishery where kids and adults alike can spend time together bonding in the essence of nature. Spending a day on the water with loved ones, in pursuit of the next fish that family and friends will be talking about over dinner or around a campfire, can provide just enough motivation to keep someone from settling when it comes to building the pond of their dreams.

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Topics: Fisheries Management, Fisheries Projects

The Benefits of Supplemental Fish Feeding

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 16, 2018

Fish Feeder

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Topics: Fisheries Management, Fisheries Projects

SOLitude Officially Announces Expansion, Merger with Lake Masters

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 09, 2018

Florida Team

SOLitude Lake Management, a leading environmental firm specializing in lake, pond and wetland management, fisheries management and related environmental services, has expanded its national presence by uniting with Lake Masters Aquatic Weed Control Inc. based in Florida.

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Topics: SOLitude News

Tips to Stay Safe Around Frozen Lakes & Ponds This Winter

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Jan 04, 2018

Ice-covered pond

From fishing to hiking to skating, outdoor recreation doesn’t stop throughout the winter. Many of these activities take place on or around frozen lakes and ponds. Like any other time of year, it’s important to ensure proper safety steps are taken near the water. SOLitude Lake Management, an environmental firm that specializes in sustainable lake, pond, wetland and fisheries management strategies, encourages extra caution around frozen waterbodies this winter season:

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Topics: Pond Management Best Practices, Seasonal Pond Tips

SOLitude 'Adopts' Families, Supports Children’s Hospitals this Holiday

by: SOLitude Lake Management   |   Dec 18, 2017


HOLiday Cheer Donations

In the spirit of the holiday season, SOLitude Lake Management has continued its annual HOLiday Cheer efforts through The SOLution, SOLitude’s corporate volunteering and outreach program. This year, SOLitude donated games, gift cards, toys, clothes and other necessities to sick children and five under-resourced families located throughout the country. Now in the program's sixth year, the 2017 HOLiday Cheer donation totaled $10,121, which exceeded 2016 donations by 48 percent.

The HOLiday Cheer families “adopted” this year

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Topics: SOLitude News, The SOLution

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