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Aquatic Pesticides Regulations

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Learn About The Federal Clean Water Act

Maintaining NPDES Compliance

On October 31, 2011, the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit went into effect. This new permit will likely affect you and your pond directly. NPDES is the primary federal legislation that regulates point source pollution to the waters of the United States. Under these new regulations, if you own or manage a property with a pond, then you will be responsible for making sure that all pesticide applications related to the pond meet the requirements of the new permit.

Some of the activities that will be regulated under this permit include algae control and weed treatments in the water, shoreline vegetation control and mosquito control. And the most important part of this new law is that as a decision maker or financier for the applications, YOU are just as liable for permit compliance as the applicator.

Although NPDES is a federal permit, the legislation is implemented by the individual states in most cases, so the permit requirements are not the same in every state, and are very familiar and up to date with all of the necessary regulatory compliance required in all of these jurisdictions, ensuring that all of our clients will be properly covered. At SOLitude Lake Management, we are licensed to apply pesticides in eleven states, so we need to be extremely familiar with the regulations in all of these jurisdictions to ensure that we are in compliance no matter where we are working. In general, the permit requirements are geared to minimize the overall amount of pesticides applied to the water, to reduce the number of adverse incidents related to pesticide applications, and to ensure that violators are held accountable for their actions.

Since the decision maker/financier and the applicator are “co-permittees,” the conditions of NPDES compliance may be the responsibility of one party, but are the liability of both. For instance, the decision maker/financier will need to demonstrate that Integrated Pest Management (IPM) strategies have been considered prior to the decision to apply pesticides. This may include non-chemical control methods such as aeration, beneficial bacteria, and triploid grass carp. Permit compliance information will need to be maintained for each site, in addition to detailed documentation of each pesticide application. For all of our current clients, this is already being done, and no additional action will be required on your part.

NPDES and You: New Federal Regulations that Affect Your Pond

So what exactly is your responsibility as the pond owner or manager? Since NPDES compliance requirements vary by state and are based on site-specific conditions, there is no standard answer to this question. However, you will need to be familiar with the specific pesticide regulations for your state and work with your qualified aquatic pesticide applicator to develop a compliance program for your pond or lake. It is important to ensure that all aquatic pesticide applications to your pond or lake are completed by knowledgeable and experienced applicators that are aware of and compliant with the new regulations.

SOLitude Lake Management utilizes a specialized lake and pond management software program to manage our application data, and many facets of NPDES compliance are already part of our daily operations. We will work with our clients and our industry partners to ensure that all of our operations are compliant with these new permit requirements, and can provide consulting services for any operator in the development of a NPDES Pesticide General Permit compliance program.

Unfortunately, as we move forward and the full extent of these new regulations are realized, you could be faced with some additional permit compliance fees or other associated costs related to the required filings and compliance work resulting from the federal NPDES permitting. We will keep all of our clients abreast of the changes as they occur.

Not sure whether or not your current lake and pond management partner is NPDES compliant? Trust your pesticide applications to the industry leading experts at SOLitude Lake Management.

Helped Restore Community Pond

These guys are great. Every time I stop them to ask what they are doing they are very polite and knowledgeable. Before we had them in our community our ponds were loaded with scum. Keep up the good work!

William Smith

Community Member, DE

From Swap to Beautiful, Clear Pond

For about 30 years I watched the encroachment of weeds across my pond, limiting not only our recreational use but our aesthetic appreciation as well. SOLitude Lake Management came in with their hydro-raking harvester and clear it all out! It was the first time I could swim across the entire pond! No swamp, just beautiful water that passers-by slow down to look at.

Dean Jacques

Private Landowner, Chester, CT

Successfully Eradicated Hydrilla

I’ve been battling Hydrilla milfoil for a number of years, without great success. I stumbled across SOLitude Lake Management online and I’m so glad I did! Noel and his team of professionals listened to our problem, gave advice, and developed a management plan for our lake. They applied a very thorough milfoil-specific treatment and now, all of the visible weed is eradicated! I wish I would’ve found this company years ago! I would highly recommend anyone who is looking for a team to help with any lake weed issues.

Shawn Ridgley

Private Landowner, Grand Junction, CO

Recommendations Are Thoughtful & Achievable

Erin and the rest of the SOLitude crew do a fantastic job monitoring water quality and algae growth. Erin used environmentally friendly products to control both the algae and maintain water quality with great success. Site visits are as promised and reports are clear and concise and recommendations are always thoughtful and achievable. We appreciate the effort by Erin and the other SOLitude staff that support our effort.

Terrence Larson


I Suggest You Call SOLitude

SOLitude was very professional and understood the budget constraints that we have at our community center and lake. They proposed properly sized solutions to help us solve the algae problems in our lake. The staff was great to work with – I suggest you call them.

Chris Jorgensen

Colorado Springs, CO

Healthy Water Quality & Fish

SOLitude has been managing our lake for the past two years. Through their efforts, the lake’s water quality has improved tremendously. Even with one of the hottest and dryest seasons I received nothing but compliments on the water clarity as well as positive feedback from fishermen about the abundance of healthy fish.

Darren Brooks

District Manager, Parker, CO

Leslie Is One of the Best!

Leslie listened to my needs and concerns, she didn’t offer a fix until she surveyed the lake. It was refreshing to work with someone who cared enough to listen and plan out the best needs of service. If you’re looking for lake maintenance, she is one of the best! I highly recommend!

Trisha Miller

Property Manager, Glendale, AZ

Extremely Helpful & Friendly Staff

Extremely helpful and friendly staff that is always a pleasure to deal with. I have used this company for over 4 years now and they have provided great service and were able to deal with and correct problems that five other lake management companies were not able to even begin to address. I highly recommend this company for any of your lake service needs.

Private Landowner

Responsive to Our Needs

SOLitude manages our 28 lakes at our Country Club and we have formed a great partnership with them and in particular Christina and Garrett. They are responsive to our needs and take the time to explain their process and ongoing management plans to staff, board members, and owners as well as answer their questions.

Joe Burden

General Manager, Florida

A Pleasure to Work with SOLitude

For the past 2 years as a member of our neighborhood board, I worked personally with Mitchell of SOLitude Lake Management. Our neighborhood has over 40 lakes & ponds. I can honestly say it was a pleasure to work with this vendor. Mitchell provided weekly updates and as our aquatics expert, he helped educate us and assisted in developing a restorative approach to our lake & pond management. It was a pleasure to work with such a knowledgeable representative. Thanks!

Colette Price

Board Member, Florida

We Are In Good Hands with SOLitude

We were presented with the challenge of dealing with our stormwater basin, which is regulated by EPA standards that we were not familiar with. SOLitude came in and guided us through the entire process. Our basin went from an eyesore to a spectacular main selling point for our community. We are in good hands with SOLitude and cannot thank them enough!

Dawn Crawford

HOA President, PA

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