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Top 5 Pond Management Articles of 2020

The days have been slow, but the year has gone by fast! As we round out 2020, let’s take a look at the year’s most popular educational articles. Take a peek (or refresh your memory) with our top five, which cover all things aeration, toxic algae, shoreline erosion and the importance of lakes and ponds during the current pandemic.

Eco-friendly Solutions for Maintaining a Beautiful

#5: Social Distancing? Here’s 15 Things To Do On or Around Your Waterbody

In the face of COVID-19, many of us have traded large gatherings and public outings for seclusion in our homes, and this can lead to feelings of loneliness or cabin-fever. Time spent in nature, particularly around the water, can help counteract these feelings. In fact, science proves it! Get out there and have fun with our 15 social distancing activities.

Testing Winston Park Lake

4. How Data Collection Helps Build Successful Management Plans

Clean water enhances our communities in many ways. And the health of these systems is dependent on many measurable factors. Learn how data can be leveraged to uphold the natural balance of your lake or pond so it can continue to meet your unique goals – whatever they may be!

3. Shoreline Restoration With Erosion Control Technology

No matter how much you enjoy your waterbody, eroded shorelines can significantly detract from your experience AND pose serious dangers to the community. Luckily, new solutions can be used to revitalize damage and erosion. See how one HOA community was completely transformed using this advanced, eco-friendly technology.

algae aquatic weed before and after lake and pond natural management fountains and aeration commercial property

2. Back to Basics: Nanobubbles vs. Fountains vs. Aeration

The water quality benefits of dissolved oxygen are extensive in lakes and ponds, which is why there are an array of solutions available to help circulate and oxygenate your waterbody. When considering an aeration solution, it’s important to understand the benefits and limitations of each option available to you. Here’s the rundown.

procellacor nutrient remediation algae and aquatic weed before 1

1. Nutrient Loading May be Fueling Toxic Algae in Your Community

Nutrients play an important role in our environment, but an excess of nutrients like phosphorus and nitrogen can have devastating effects in lakes and ponds. Beyond the algae and nuisance weeds, excess nutrients can fuel harmful cyanobacteria, which are known to produce toxins linked to neurological diseases. Review the facts so you can protect yourself.

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