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    Your Full-Service Lake Management Team

    Meet The Biology Team

    Chris Doyle

    Director of Biology
    Water Quality Program Supervisor
    Certified Lake Manager


    Chris Doyle is a Senior Aquatic Biologist and Director of Biology at SOLitude. He has more than 20 years of experience in all facets of lake, pond and fisheries management, and oversees some of SOLitude’s largest environmental projects. Throughout his industry career, Chris has designed and performed methodologies for full lake GPS referenced aquatic vegetation surveys, developed invasive species identification procedures, studied invertebrate and algal and aquatic macrophyte taxonomy and conducted extensive fieldwork and studies of aquatic environments and species. 

    Chris earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Natural Resource Management with a focus on Fishery Science from Cook College, Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ, in 1994. Chris is a member of several lake management industry organizations. He currently serves as president of the board of directors for the Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society (NEAPMS) and sits on the aquatic plant technical advisory board for the New Jersey Invasive Species Strike Team (NJISST). Chris is also an active partner with the Lower Hudson Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (LH PRISM) and is a Certified Lake Manager by the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS). He has presented the findings of projects via oral and poster presentations at annual conferences for NALMS, NEAPMS, the Aquatic Plan Management Society (APMS) and the New York State Federation of Lake Associations (NYSFOLA).

    Chris is proud to be a New Jersey native and resides in central New Jersey with wife and best friend, Lisa, son, Alec, and two adopted cats. He is a published freelance fiction author, an avid sports fan and is active in the local 4H Association.

    Contact Chris

    Sam Sardes

    Weed Science Director
    Certified Lake Professional

    Sam Sardes

    Sam Sardes is a Weed Science Director and Certified Lake Management professional who oversees SOLitude’s three Florida laboratories. She focuses on conducting research and helping the company identify innovative, environmentally-sound methods to enhance the management of lakes, ponds and preserves. In addition to Sam’s primary responsibilities, she takes part in cooperative research alliances with Florida universities and associated corporate researchers.

    Sam has many distinctions, certifications and licenses: Green Industries Best Management Practices certification (GI-BMP), Advanced mosquito identification certification for both adults and larva -UF, Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP) (F.S. Chapter 487) license with 6 categories: Aquatic, Right of Way, Natural Areas, Turf and Ornamental, Demonstration and Research, and Forestry – Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services.

    A native south Floridian, Sam holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Florida Atlantic University and a Master’s degree in Agronomy from the University of Florida. Her Master’s thesis investigated interactions between biocontrol insects and herbicides for a more integrated and sustainable approach to aquatic weed management. She still assists in the University of Florida (UF) Aquatic Weed Control Short Course annually, has maintained the teaching plant collection for the UF Aquatic Weed Control Short Course, and has collaborated with USDA on research projects. Prior to joining the SOLitude team, she served as the Student Director for the Aquatic Plant Management Society 2016-2017. She is the current chair of the Student Affairs Committee for this organization.

    Contact Sam

    Amanda Mahaney

    Aquatic Biologist

    amanda-mahaney-web-newAmanda Mahaney joined the SOLitude team as an Aquatic Biologist, pursuing her childhood dream to work with freshwater ecosystems. Amanda helps clients develop and achieve environmentally sustainable goals for their aquatic ecosystems. She has a special interest in GIS data collection and map preparation, and enjoys educating the public about the importance of land preservation.

    Amanda graduated from Anna Maria College in Paxton, MA in 2012, earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science. She completed her senior internship at Redwood National Park in California where she performed invasive vegetation management in the threatened prairies of the park. Following college, Amanda worked in various branches of the environmental field including horticulture, forestry and in the department of conservation and recreation, teaching children and the visiting public about the importance of preserving the land. She obtained a certificate in wetland delineation from the University of New Hampshire and has volunteered with the New England Wildflower Society. Amanda has a strong passion for vegetation identification and invasive species management with hopes to do her part in eradicating non-native invasive plant species from New England waterbodies.

    Amanda’s dream of a career in aquatic ecosystems stemmed from her experiences growing up on a local reservoir in Spencer, Massachusetts. Her hobbies and interests include snowmobiling throughout New England with her family, various water sports, hiking and telling stories around a campfire.  

    Contact  Amanda

    Emily Mayer

    Aquatic Biologist


    Emily Mayer is an Aquatic Biologist based out of SOLitude’s office in Hackettstown, NJ. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology from Centenary University and is pursuing her Master’s degree in Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences at the University of Florida. 

    Emily provides clients with an array of lake and pond management solutions to help them prevent water quality problems and maintain healthy, balanced and beautiful aquatic ecosystems. Emily’s passion for aquatic wildlife led her to conduct studies on zooplankton and phytoplankton populations through the New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife's Charles O. Hayford State Fish Hatchery, a topic she continued to study in relation to Biomanipulation and suitable lake management practices. In 2015, Emily presented her resulting findings at a conference hosted by the Northeast Aquatic Plant Management Society.

    Born and raised in Northern New Jersey, Emily resides with her family. She enjoys going to the beach, traveling, visiting some of New Jersey’s botanical gardens and spending time with her family and friends.  

    Contact Emily

    Ryan Ebanks

    Laboratory Biologist

    Ryan Ebanks

    Ryan Ebanks is a Laboratory Biologist who joined the team in January 2019. He helps oversee and operate SOLitude’s in-house water quality and algae identification lab in Pompano Beach, FL. He provides technical support and expertise to SOLitude’s lake and pond management and business development teams by assessing common freshwater parameters. Ryan’s expertise is invaluable for clients to achieve their long-term aquatic resource goals.

    Ryan earned his degree in Biological Science & Biological Anthropology from Florida Atlantic University. Prior to joining SOLitude, he oversaw the microbiology laboratory at Broward College where he maintained living organism cultures, conducted the lab’s quality control program and implemented biomedical tests on 29 species of BSL-1 and BSL-2 (biosafety level) microorganisms.

    Ryan is passionate about science inside and outside of work. He enjoys spending time hiking, fishing, reading scientific journals and articles, and studying the functions of the universe.

    Contact Ryan

    Kate Arnao

    Aquatic Biologist,
    Video Ambassador

    Kate Arnao

    Kate Arnao is an Aquatic Biologist and SOLitude Video Ambassador who is responsible for aquatic vegetation mapping, phytoplankton analysis, and data collection and management. She specializes in analyzing water quality samples under a microscope and working with laboratories to determine the type of care her client's waterbodies require.

    Kate earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Science from Centenary University. Prior to joining the SOLitude team in 2018, she gained experience working at the Raritan Headwater Association. For two years, she conducted research, collected water quality samples, and managed environmental data.

    Kate enjoys spending time outdoors, hiking with her dog and hanging out with her friends. She enjoys living a healthy lifestyle through regular yoga and fitness activities. She is also passionate about sustainability and hopes to start a sustainability program aimed at moving towards a more environmentally-conscious future.

    Contact Kate


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